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  1. LIKE Newbie-I'm a "newbie" to all this,too! I didn't even get as far as 99%. I also noticed the ominous word 'trial' in the download. Does this mean the end of the 'free' version of we know it. There seems to be a move now to give you incomplete versions of the well-known brands like AVG et al-and ask you to upgrade to Pro. Since adware,malware,trojans and so on are a bl**dy nuisance every minute you are on the net - and the threat of major viruses crashing you recede - I guess it's a seller's market for spy/adware tools. Hope Lavasoft don't succumb & let some of us have a basic "freebie" for private use. -davidjd
  2. I GOT the same message,too,when trying to download a newer version of ad aware. I have been having trouble with ad aware SE personal which keeps saying "error in retrieving update." I thought I'd change to another free version of ad aware 2007(?). But couldn't download it. I just go back and use my SE personal-even though I can't get latest update. I've had no crashes and it rids the various spyware,adware,malware and so on... But you hear that unless your definitions are totally up-to-date hackers/spammers & other nasty folk! can beat the system? Is this right? I hope Lavasoft don't mind-but i always have another free spyware remover as back-up. But I find SE personal great. davidjd
  3. SORRY. The exact wording is "error in retrieving update." I just tried again today Wednesday afternoon,January 30,08 ( Australian Sydney time). davidjd