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    I'm English but live and work here in Italy...I like to surf the net looking for things to help me with work and to relax. For example listening to the BBC Radio on the web. I like to visit places and go for walks.
  1. OK seems the porblem has been sorted out. I've just tried to update and now it says your def file is up to date!!! I think this thread can be closed
  2. Well this is what I get just like everybody else.....guess the servers must be down!!! An error has occured... UPDATE - No connection to Update server SUGGESTED ACTION - Check Internet Connection However I last updated on 01/08/08 at 12.29.00 European time (CET) and the defs are 0108.0000 therefore it seems I'm up to date!!
  3. Thanks for your quick reply and help. Upto now, I have always been able to run Ad-Aware in safe mode so what has happened or why I can't I don't know.....In fact, as you have already stated, others have said the same thing. As for running Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs in safe mode it is (according to the AVG forum and other security forums) that same malware can hide from security programs when they are running ie the computer is in normal mode. However, when you start the computer in safe mode because the comp only loads the very basic things, the malware doesn't start and hence it can't hide because it is not active. Therefore deleting (as you have already said) and finding is a lot easier. Anyway I am also looking for other solutions as well. Once again thanks for your time!!
  4. Hi, I've recently update to the 2008 version of Ad-Aware. My problem is that I can not run 2008 in safe mode and this is a prob as some spyware can't be detected unless in safe mode. Yes I have gone into settings and autoscans and checked the Safe Mode box. I am running Windows XP Pro Sp2 512 RAM Anti Virus : AVG 7.5 (as 8.0 is still unstable) Anti Spy : AVG AS, Spyware Blaster, Spybot 1.4 (again because it doesn't immunize properly and IMHO is a beta), Ad-Aware 2008 and Wormguard Firewall: ZoneAlarm Pro I thank you in advance.
  5. OK thanks Spike you are right once again..... I don't use P2P programs and never use "MySpace, Facebook et al" I have enough trouble trying to remember all the passwords (which are all different) for all the sites I use or need to use let alone these other sites as well!!! The very best to you and I hope that we chat again but just for chatting not for a problem...... I use Ad-aware 2007, Spybot (but 1.4 NOT 1.5 due to problems with that i.e. things not immunizing or run time errors IMHO 1.5 is a BETA at best NOT a full launch), Spyware Blaster, AVG Anti spy, AVG anti-virus, Diamond CS Wormguard and ZoneAlarm Pro firewall...I also run online scanners with Kaspersky, Pandasoftware (have you tried their Nanoscan? www.nanoscan.com) and Bitdefender. Best wishes and regards English Teacher
  6. Sorry for not answering before now......I just have one question about this. If I have to skip files larger than XXXXXX kb doesn't this defeat the idea of an anti-spyware program? I mean if there is a baddie in a big file, I can't scan other wise AWW 2007 stalls!!! What then? Is Lavasoft, do you know, trying to fix this problem? As I have seen this problem dating back a few months Regards English Teacher PS NO, I'm not trying to knock AWW2007 but I think that they should have tried it out more before giving up support on SE version first!!
  7. It seems that you are running the old version of Ad-Aware SE.....you need to obtain the Ad-Aware 2007 because the SE version is no longer supported....Support for the SE version finished on 31st December 2007 Here is the link for more information http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=16176 Regards English Teacher
  8. Hi, I had the same problem. You need to check under the settings "skip files larger than " and enter 30,000 kb Follow my thread here http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=15884 Regards English Teacher
  9. May I suggest that you read my thread here? http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=15884 I was told to click skip files bigger than 30,000 kb Seems to work so far Follow my thread and have a go!! Regards English Teacher +
  10. Ok....I have run the "Full Scan" now three times and everything seems OK When do you think I can stop skipping large files? I will slowly increase from 30,000 KB until I reach where it hangs Just one other thing I have noticed one strange thing though...while the scan is running I notice that it has scanned nearly 310,000 files (I reapeat this is while it is still scanning) but in the log (after the scan has finished) it says scanned 286,000 a difference of about 24,000 files. Should this be like this? Have a nice weekend Spike
  11. OK sorry for the wait, I had a lot of work to do and didn't have time to run the scans. OK It seems that my thread has been Hijacked, should I run Hijackthis? OK Joke finished The problem doesn't always happen.....for example I Skiped files larger than 30000 and ran a smart scan but it blocked at " Scanning folders (Conditional) " but the strange thing is it has never blocked in smart scan when I DO NOT skip files larger than xxxxkb As for the full scan, sometimes it blocks and another it completes the scan. I don't know if there is another program with nothing to do with Anti spy or anti virus that is interfering with it? Thanks Spike
  12. Hi, Today I tried to update my old Ad-aware then because I couldn't, so I came here to this forum.....I found out that the old SE isn't supported anymore :-( So I downloaded the AWW 2007.....but I Uninstalled the SE version, re-booted, ran a cleaner to remove bits left over, re-booted, installed...Everything OK Ran a quick scan....OK Ran a Full scan but it hangs at " Scanning folders (Conditional) "...it ran for over two hours until I stopped it!!! :-O I've done some online scans with Pandasoft, Bitdefender and Kaspersky but apart from a few cookies nothing....I even ran Hijackthis but that also revealed nothing....so that's the "virus blocking it" theory out of the way!! Any ideas? Running Windows XP Sp2, Pent 4 , 512 RAM, 80 GB Hard drive (yes I know not much ;-) ) Security programs: Firewall: Zone Alarm Pro Anti Virus: AVG FREE Anti Spy: Spybot S&D, AVG, Spyware Blaster,