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  1. Spike - thanks - no idea where Steve came from. The question about overcoming the 1920 error was yours, not mine - I detailed what I did. I think I'll just leave it a while, download new defs etc and hope that things get fixed. The Java issue obviously needs sorting, but may also be a clue to AAW 2007 since that's always where it hangs, in my system anyway. You're doing a good job. thanks again Dr John 72
  2. Steve - my response interleaved with your comments: Hi DrJohn72, A good starting point - however, being unable to complete a scan rather defeats the purpose wink.gif RESPONSE Tried this - deleted 1 critical and quarantined the rest. But on repeating the scan, hit the same error message RESPONSE Tried this- thanks - but how can Joe Public know that you have to do this? [what are MRUs?] No effect anyway I started with a Google search on +Ad-Aware +2007 +error +1920 which is how I found this Forum. RESPONSE There was a post topic 12499 23 Oct 2007 by Centurian Warrior and several people seemed to have tried that and it worked; so did I. The fact that that's been round for over 3 months and you still have to stumble across it, rather than having it somehow incorporated into the released, package, illustrates my point about responsiveness I think RESPONSE XP Home RESPONSE I found 2 earlier versions of 6 and 3 versions of v5. Deleted all except the latest 6.3. Again - how could Joe Public know this unless someone like you points it out? you assume that an update gets rid of the earlier stuff! RESPONSE Accepted - I didn't mean I expected an individual reply - but in trawling through the problems there are an awful lot of people who have been asking for help, and on the paid-for product as well! In no way do I mean to talk down the efforts of people like you - on the contrary, I greatly value them - but again, looking at the patterns of problems it is hard to believe that they are all down to individual configuration. SE seemed to work with all of our individual configurations! RESPONSE And that really is valued - and I do count this as a valuable individual response. ANY FURTHER INSIGHTS WILL BE SIMILARLY VALUED AND CONSCIENTIOUSLY FOLLOWED THROUGH. Sorry forgot caps lock Regards DrJohn72
  3. I used to run SE without problems With 2007 I had several problems including the 1920 error which I fixed with help from this site. Now it's downloaded, installed and updated to latest Defs. Now it's never completed a scan; it gets to about 165 errors in about 8 mins, then the scan clock carries on but in fact there is another box which appears with a long error message including the words ...experienced unhandled exception.... forced to close... please submit this error to Lavasoft. I've submitted it several times now without the slightest hint of a response from them - and from reading comments on this site my experience is not unusual. If it's relevant, this time it stopped at ...\java\....caracas which I'm fairly sure is an airport within Google Earth's Flight Simulator. I've tried the option of skipping large files - no effect - am sure it's not this If Lavasoft want to beta test a product - that's fine using volunteers - but don't discontinue the previous product until the volunteers have played with the beta and sorted the main problems - don't force all users to do the beta testing! This is my first submission - Hope I've got it into the right place!