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  1. When I ask AAW2007 free to get updates, it doesn't show anything to tell me if it is updating and doesn't tell me when it has finished. It appears to RUN FOREVER. If I try to start a scan, then I get an error that the "scanner is busy." If I close out the AAW window, then I get an error message window with "error" at the top and nothing in it. In either case, I have to force AAW to close (control-alt-delete). When I restart it, it shows that it DID do the update (but DID NOT tell me while it was running) and then I can scan. This happens with Windows XP and also with Vista Home Basic. The AAW SE version did not do this --- it showed when the update was running and when it was finished. I liked the old version better. I certainly would NOT buy the 2007 version of AAW.