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  1. Had you not provided the comment about rebooting, it would have never worked. Thanks to you, I am now current. God is tough being a self taught tech! HA! Thanks TinQer..... Note: West USA still does not have this update unless you do the manual fix as outlined above.
  2. Tinger, Noted your two comments above. I downloaded the zip file just fine but can not open file. I also read teh prob about the DNS so I can only assume that I am still unable to get updates because of this DNS issue. Just wanted you and others to be aware that the prob still exists here is West USA.
  3. Came across this thread when I also had the same problem after using the 4/14 definitions. I note that this will be cleared up with the next set of definitions, which is great. In the meantime, should I quarantine the item or ignore it? Please advise. Thank you!