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  1. In case it wasn't clear, deleting and recreating my .aaw file with all TrackSweep off did not fix the problem.
  2. All my TrackSweep options are turned off, too. I also tried deleting my settings.aaw file and created a new one with all TrackSweep options off.
  3. I have this problem too, and it has kept me from using Ad-Aware. Could it be that the program is corrupting INDEX.DAT?
  4. Version Plus, running on XP. To reproduce bug: 1. Run a manual scan that will detect several tracking cookies and no other objects. 2. When finished, let N = the number of Privacy Objects reported in the results tab. 3. Check the box for tracking cookies and click Remove. The number in the tab winds down from N to zero. Click Finish. 4. Open the xml version of the log in a browser. Under the heading "Scan Statistics," Infections Detected is N but Infections Removed is zero. Infections Found report has N lines. Removed Objects report has more than zero lines but less than N lines. In one case I ran N = 32 but removed objects had only 7 lines, and the Infections Removed statistics was zero. Note that log inconsistencies make it difficult to monitor scheduled scan operation.
  5. I'm seeing this too. v. If a scan finds 45 tracking cookies, it might delete 35 or so, then quit with the error described in the above post, stating that the file will be removed when the computer is rebooted. The program still shows the remaining 10 or so cookies, and they cannot be removed even if you try again. When you click Finish the program asks for confirmation to not remove the remaining cookies. I have not checked that the cookies are actually deleted on a reboot. A related criticism: When you check the box to remove cookies and click remove, the checkbox disappears and there is no visual indication that the system is working except the number decreasing in the tab selector. I think this is a poor design. A more explicit indication of program state and progress would be better.