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  1. Thanks everyone. I just downloaded 0149.0147 and everything is fine. Regor
  2. On jan26, I downloaded definitions files 0149.0140. Since then, when I click on Web Updates, I always get "software is already up to date". I manually downloaded definitions files 0149.0143 on jan29 and 0149.0145 on feb02. I tried again today "web updates" and again it tells me that my "software is already up to date" and I know that the new definitions files is 0149.0146. I have the Anniversary Edition and I have XP professional. For your info, my brother has the same problem. Can you help?
  3. The next time you get a new definition file and after Ad-Aware is back to normal (ready to scan), instead of doing a scan, close Ad-Aware and reopen it again. I have the same problem and this is how I get back to a "normal" fast scan.
  4. Thanks again. I am now running my scan without aaw watch. re cookies. The scan picked up 5 cookies this morning. Seems everything if fine now.
  5. Thanks again for replying. Cookies: my browsing habits are the same. I scanned again this morning and Ad-aware picked up only one cookie. Re: problem scanning. This morning, my first scan was with Ad-Watch live on. The scanning got stuck on same file realplay.exe. I disabled Ad-Watch live and on the second scan, the scanning stop for a while on realplay.exe but continued to finish the scan. "objects scanned" shows progression but "current object" stayed on realplay.exe Usually, when the scan stops on a file, the "objects scanned" stays at the same number.
  6. I assume it is working but don't know what files are scanned between 3753(realplay.exe) and 5888(another .exe file). Is it normal that "objects scanned" shows progression and that "current object" stays on same file? For your info, I usually get 3 to 5 cookies to delete after daily scan. Now, since problem, AdAware only picks up one cookie.
  7. Thanks for your input. realplay.exe or similar is not running at the time of scan. For a couple of times, the scan got stuck on realplay.exe (never finished) but lately, the "current object" shows realplay.exe for a while, the "objects scanned" go from 3753 to 5888 and after 5888 the "current object" changes for another .exe file. The scan usually ends showing 1 cookie to delete.
  8. I am having the same problem. In the critical area, the scan gets stuck on file C:\program files\r\.\layer\realplay.exe. This problem started this morning after receiving definition file 146.0009.
  9. When I updated definitions version 0050.0000, 0051.0000 and 0052.0000, I got the following error. An error has occurred in ad-aware 2007, Component: TFORMAAW Message: Access violation at address 0055BC80 in module ad-aware2007.exe. Write of address 00000008. By the way, I never know when updates are completed. I have to close Ad-Aware (usually after 15 minutes) and I get the error when re-opening Ad-Aware. I am using microsoft XP professional and Ad-Aware 2007 version