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  1. [quote name='Voltron' post='117689' date='Mar 5 2010, 02:23 PM'][u]NOTE[/u]: I originally posted this in the Anniversary Edition (AE) forum; however, that forum seems to be dying rather quickly. --------------------- Hello: For all who are (or were) still on the Anniversary Edition (AE) of Ad-Aware, the latest version being 8.0.8, I wanted to alert everyone that Lavasoft has used the Web Update function to push-install version 8.1.3 over version 8.0.8, as of March 1st. So, plan accordingly. Release notes for the original deployment of 8.1.3 are available in the 8.1.x forums. I am curious, however, with Lavasoft making this move, how many of the 8.1.x updates are former 8.0.8 users expected to see, automatically push-installed to their clients. I very much appreciate, as a paid license holder, the ability (rightfully so, I believe) to update/upgrade to the latest client version, for free, for the duration of my license. I would, however, appreciate more control as to when the client actually gets updated. --Dylan --------------------- Now, for some new thoughts. First, I am curious as to why the decision was made to automatically push-install version 8.1.3 over 8.0.8. And, why has Lavasoft decided not to automatically migrate the 8.1.3 installations to 8.1.4? Second, I am aware that this may not be associated with the recent upgrade to version 8.1.x, as I had experienced this same behavior with version 8.0.x, yet, since my forced push to client version 8.1.x, I am experiencing more issues with the Web Update function, relating to the application not being able to update my definitions, properly. In other words, when I execute the Web Update application, it downloads the definitions; yet, it fails to "reinitialize" the application, so that, the definitions are actually installed. The Web Update application simply disappears. Many attempts to make the Web Update application "reinitialize" and install the updates, either via the system tray icon, via the start menu option, or from within the main GUI, itself have failed. In the past, I have had to wait and attempt the update at another time, leaving my system slightly at risk, as it is not fully protected, with the latest definitions. Third, as others have experienced, perhaps mostly on older hardware, the Ad-Aware system tray icon takes quite a long time to launch upon system start and/or during a user log on session. Plus, after it does launch, it takes up nearly 100% CPU and increases its memory/RAM footprint, while, I assume the Ad-Watch definitions database is being initialized. Reading the many issues that have been experienced by so many users, having been pushed to a newer client, without being given the opportunity to opt out of that update, let alone a software update notice [i]prior[/i] to the application update, causes me to be quite hesitant, when I consider renewing my licenses. I have enjoyed and do appreciate the work Lavasoft has conducted in the years I have been a loyal customer; however, with these increasing number of issues, with every client update, I cannot help but consider letting my licenses expire, perhaps relying on the Ad-Aware FREE versions and/or simply going with Microsoft Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials, along with staying with Spybot--Search & Destroy. Keep in mind, I do really appreciate, like, and enjoy Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and believe that Lavasoft provides a nice product for the financial investment. I think their pricing structure is quite fair and proper, especially compared with other products; however, if with every client update/upgrade, there are so many bugs that are introduced to users' systems and we, as users/customers are not able to opt out of and be notified of such updates, prior to those updates, it makes me quite hesitant to remain a loyal, paid customer and I would expect that others may feel the same way. For what it is worth, I would like to make a suggestion, one that I have made quite some time ago. If Lavasoft would provide users a software update notice and allow users to opt out of such a software/client/application update, while allowing them to continue with the definitions update, I believe this would provide users with more control and a better sense of security, regarding the integrity of their systems, as it allows them to make the decision on whether or not and when to update the actual Ad-Aware client. By providing this simple feature, as Lavasoft did in the past with Ad-Aware 2007 and Ad-Aware 2008, I believe it would, potentially, help mend some hurt feelings of Lavasoft's customers, while allowing us to feel more secure, whenever [i]we[/i] decide to install a new Ad-Aware release. This is not to say that users should be allowed to stay on applications that are extremely outdated, as I fully understand Lavasoft's desire to diminish the number of different clients they support; yet, there is a delicate balance that may need to be examined between how and when Lavasoft migrates its customers to newer Ad-Aware releases, especially in light of recent upgrade issues and when to simply allow Lavasoft customers to make this decision, themselves. Sincerely, --Dylan, a loyal Ad-Aware customer[/quote] After updating from the Anniversary Edition to the new 8.1 version it would take over a minute to load the GUI and then take about 8-10 minutes to do a Smart Scan so I went back to the AE edition. Last week I was suddenly updated to the 8.1.3 version and having good luck so far. My GUI still states Anniversary Edition on it and the Smart Scan only takes about 2 minutes to run. Was wondering if everyone that was using AE edition if their home screen still says Anniversary Edition on it. I for one WILL NOT KEEP MY SUBSCRIPTION when it expires. It takes AW programmers much to long to deal with issues and most of the time they simply ignore your messages from the paid users form. I don't understand why they are adding anti virus and all the other mess that only constitutes to more and more memory usage and bugs in the programs. They need to stick to the old program like the SE edition which was great. I used the free version so long that I felt guilty and purchased the paid version in 2008 but after all the ordeal with the 8.1 version I AM THROUGH WITH LAVASOFT. It is a shame that such good program is now a big bloated POS. Maybe they will wake up when they lose enough customers.
  2. Use windows explorer to find the zip file you downloaded it should be defs.zip usually in the documents folder. Highlight the file then click file up in the very left corner of screen you will see a menu item named Extract All. Click this item then the extract wizard will open asking where to extract to. Choose the browse option and click on my computer then go to c:\program files\lavasoft\Adaware SE. Extract the file into this folder and you should be ok to go.
  3. You users of Adaware SE remember how fast it used to down load the definitions file well now it takes 10-15 times longer. Even to manually download the definitions zip file takes almost a minute or more on my 3mb DSL. It used to take 5-10 seconds. Please if any of you have noticed this problem reply to this post. Last time I posted I got no response.
  4. I have none of the error problems that I see posted on this forum. My complaint is that the old Adaware SE would download definition files in 20 secs or less on my 3mb DSL, but now when I manually download the definition zip file it takes sometimes 2 minutes. According to the site my connection speed is sometimes as low as 15kb sec. whereas on sites like Microsoft and Norton it is 350kb sec or more. I tried the free version 2007 and it runs so slow that it takes 20 minutes to run a smart scan Lord knows how long it would take for a full system scan so I went back to the Adaware SE and am manually downloading the definitions file. I was ready to purchase the 2007 Version because I had used Adaware for 2 years free and felt guilty using such GOOD SOFTWARE for free. After downloading the 2007 free version I have decided not to purchase until they get this program fixed and get their download site so it connects and a decent speed. It is a shame that the programmers have screwed up such good software. Does anyone think they will get this corrected anytime soon. Surely everyone is having the same trouble but I don't see anyone complaining about the download speed, I guess speed is not important to others but I don't have time to wait 20 minutes to run a smart scan. Let me hear from anyone on this.