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  1. Hi again Spike, This is a P.S to the posting that I sent you about 15 minutes ago. I forgot to tell you that after I installed 2007, a yellow colored error (Core Engine Busy). This was followed by the red error message mentioned in my prior posting which said 'Unable to connect to server'. Any help will be appreciated. Mamajean
  2. Hi Spike, You suggested that I get back to you when I installed AdAware 2007. Yes, it installed using your instructions!!!!!!!!! Many thanks. But now it won't update. There is an Error: a big red Circle with an X. Unable to connect to server. Do you have any ideas about what I can do to update 2007 other than going the manual route? Thanks. Mamajean
  3. Hi Spike, Thanks for going to the trouble to provide easy-to-follow instructions. I have printed them to save for the future. Prior to your post I had spent about 20 hours trying to resolve this issue. When it seemed hopeless, I found a way to update SE. It will take a while for me to get back to downloading the 2007 version, and I will be grateful for your instructions when the time comes. Mamajean
  4. Hi John, Thanks for the suggestion, which I unsuccessfully tried. Maybe my problem is that the download is just too big for a dial-up connection. High speed internet services are not available in my area, so it looks like I'm out of luck. Have loaded the old SE software and updated it via lavasoft's research blog site. So at least I have something now. Mamajean
  5. Hi Happy Trails. This may be a repeat. After finishing my reply to you, it vanished. So here goes again. What advantage is there in having 2 antivirus programs? I plan to go with AVG, but I'm not sure about loading a second program, Defender. Recall the old saying about PC troubles? "If you have a software program, fiddle with it until it works. If a hardware problem, fiddle with it until it breaks." I did the former. I decided to give up on the new Ad-Aware after failing to install the fix that John Davidson provided on this forum. So, I reinstalled my old SE program and I was successful in updating the definitions (via zip file). (If you recall, the SE program previously wouldn't update after '5% - ERROR'.) If you are interested, here is what I did: Turn off the antivirus & firewall programs and turn off the Spybot immunization. I downloaded (to My computer; program files) and installed the old SE program from a CD that I previously stored it on. Go to Lavasoft Research Blog: Scroll all the way to the right side of the screen ... keep scrolling until you see an option under DOWNLOAD DEFINITION FILE for Ad-Aware SE. It will list the current def file as SE1R221 18.02.2008. Click and go to the mirror site in a new window. Check the 'active x' control bar and tell it to permit the download. Save the zip file. After it downloads, go offline. Locate the def file. Unzip it. If it is not in the same place as your downloaded old SE program (It probably reads Lavasoft), move it to the same location. To move it, right click the def file. Go to 'move to' on the dropdown menu. Type in the place where the old SE program is located and move it. Go to this location and you will see the def file and the old SE program (Lavasoft). Place your cursor on the def file and drag it to the SE file. Tell it to replace the old def file. That's it, you should now have a working updated old SE program. Yes, this is a pain in the neck, but I plan to use this method until I locate another adware program. Good luck. Mamajean PS I too had Norton for many years and then McAfee, but didn't like either one.
  6. Hi Caprig, Did you ever get any help with your question? Mamajean
  7. Hi Newbie, Thanks for acknowledging my msg. I checked your questions via phone with a PC guru friend of mine who first told me about Ad-Aware several years ago and he said that the value of this old Ad-Aware SE Personal version 6 program is that it identifies advertizers that can clog up the memory on the PC - no other harm. With that said, because he is satisfied with the old version, he hasn't researched the new version which may be more of a spyware program. He won't use Windows XP, but rather, uses 2000 which he asserts is a much better program. He has no problem with updates on his old Ad-Aware version 6. Also he also said that there is no need to have more than one spyware program, that he has the Ad-Aware strictly for decreasing ads. (By the way, he can't fingure out why my old version of Ad-Aware (which he gave to me a long time ago on a CD) won't update when his does update. He thinks it is a Windows XP problem.) For antivirus software, I'm using Alavast which is also a free program and I love it. Like you, I'm using Spybot for spyware, but I'm not familiar with Windows Dedender. What is it? Also, if you get a tech support answer to you problem, will you let me know? Thanks. Mamajean
  8. Hi Newbie, Your issue is a mirror to mine, but I have not received any replies since I posted several weeks ago. So I don't thing that there is much chance that any of us with this issue will get help from this forum. Here are some suggestions that may work for you, if you haven't done them: First turn off your firewall, virus software, and Spybot ('undo' the immunization function). Then try again to download and install. Check out the Lavasoft FAQs which give some ideas for tweaking your system. Though they didn't work for me, they may work for you. Then try again. You might also go to this forum's resolved issues to search for a fix that may help you. Then try again. If you are successful, please let me know, since I'm still in the dark as to how to fix the problems. Mamajean
  9. Hi Caprig, This is Mamajean. Thought that I would tell you that I went to the FAQs and did all of the proposed fixes for similar problems and nothing worked, but now I have squeakie clean software. If no one is able to advise us in the next week or so, I am going to give up on AdAware. I got along without it before last July, so I guess that I can now. Fortunately my Spybot and Avast are working correctly. Good luck. Mamajean
  10. When I downloaded AdAware 2007, it wouldn't install. The message was "not valid Win32 application". (I tried downloading from each of the mirror sites listed on the Lavasoft main page, but no luck.) Do any Windows XP users have a suggestion? PS I had a similar problem to others with AdAdware 2006 not updating. I tried uninstalling it, then reinstalling it from my CD, but it still wouldn't update.