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  1. Hi, I'm having the same problem...have tried reducing the file scan to 20,000 then down to 10,000 with no change. Scan still stops on conditional files and runs endlessly and I have to shut down computer to stop the scan. Microsoft did auto updates on April 12, & 14, and I've been having other problems since then, such as slow screen changes and don't know if this could be related to Ad aware problems. I haven't run a successful scan in weeks. Please advise. Thank you, Jan Mary
  2. Didn't update windows, but saw the note about reducing files to 30000 & to ignore larger ones. Did that then ran a full scan....it worked! Thank you for your help. It took an hour, which didn't seem unreasonable. JanMary
  3. Hi, and Thank you.... I reduced scan to ignore files larger than 30000, and ran a full scan this morning...I'm so happy! It took an hour, and was successful. Thank you for the suggestion. JanMary
  4. Hi! Would love some help if someone can offer some...Ad Aware 2007 free edition has been working well since installation, running both full scans and smart scans.... Until last night....3/4 complete, it got stuck on "scanning files, conditonal" and ran for 10 hours with no progress. I tried again this morning with the same result. The whole system seems slower than usual as it begins, as well. Thank you in advance. JanMary
  5. Hi, My ad aware SE personal free version has expired. I tried to download the 2007 version and it downloaded to 99% and stopped. Do I have to uninstall the old version first? There were no instructions on the download and I'm very new at computers and am lost. Can you help me?
  6. I tried to download the new 2007 version and it downloaded 99% then stopped. I'm new at this and don't know whether I have to uninstall the old version which has expired. Do you know? Also, what does unzip it and copy the file to your lavasoft directory involve? Thanks so much!