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  1. [quote name='maury' post='120988' date='Jul 12 2010, 03:33 AM']I just updated ad-aware free and did a scan of my XP based quad core system. I built this using an Intel motherboard, and I run a utility in the background called Intel Desktop Utilities, which monitors the hardware, voltages, temperatures, etc. on my motherboard. After the scan, I got a hit on Win32.TrojanPWS.Fakemsn and it identified 4 files, a process, and a registry entry all pointing to either the folder or the application Intel Desktop Utilities. Has anyone else seen this, and / or, can anyone shed some light on it? I presume it's a false alarm, but I am reticent to just blow it off without some of the resident Ad-Aware geniuses weighing in. Thanks![/quote] Hi, I haven't seen this but I would also run Trendmicro HOUSECALL its free and you can download it from www.trendmicro.com. I would also cross-check the finding with the free version of AVG if either of those agree then you probably need to consider doing something about it.
  2. [quote name='coolgoose' post='120962' date='Jul 11 2010, 06:35 AM']Hi, Can someone please help me with this issue. Search result redirecting to another site in IE and getting pop ups when my IE is opened. Thanks[/quote] If I interpret your concern correctly in the IE menus at the top if you go to "Tools" the second item down is "Popup Blocker" you should enable it to prevent Popup's occurring. If this doesn't sort this out please list the exact steps that generates the problem.
  3. Does anyone know how to stop AdAWARE auto-starting itself cos when it does my laptop which is a DELL Duo Core 2GHZ with plenty of memory slows down by at leats 80% (runs at 20%). AdAWARE seems to randomly start itself up and when it does the hard disk access goes nuts and the laptop speed is crucified. The only solution I found is to go into XP task manager (ctrl+Alt+Delete) and KILL the AdAware process..........but you have to kill it at least 3 times before it will stay killed..........until the next time it resurrects itself.........then you hear the HD going crazy and kill it again. Its a real pain in the you know what..........this autostart should be disablable in the controls somewhere but I can't find where. Anyone out there know how????
  4. [quote name='Mythika' post='120020' date='Jun 5 2010, 10:51 PM']Windows XP Professional, Ad-Aware v.8.2.0 I tried to update Ad-Aware today, at the end of each cycle it says it has a connection problem. The FAQ suggested that I update compatibility, but my comp is already Windows XP Pro and so XP isn't listed under compatibility. From what I've seen the connection error is a common problem. Please let me know what other information I should include so I can get more feedback. I should add that my computer was hacked recently, things seem stable now but my Gmail account was hacked into by people from China and Canada....creepy. Possibly related to the person who hacked my online game account (for World of Warcraft). Anyhow, this may not have any relevance to the update problem.... Please let me know what I should do! Thanks![/quote] If I had been affected in this manner the first thing I would do is invest in a commercial INTERNET SECURITY software. I would advise NOT to choose Symantec since in my experience that s/w uses far too many system resources when its running and appears to slow down the computer noticeably. Second is to run several of the FREE internet based scanners starting with Housecall and also AVG and several others you can search for as it is perfectly possible that whomever hacked your PC may have left some residues that need to be cleaned out. Thirdly, do not click on any email that says anything about "Your World of Warcraft account has been compromised" I have received such emails repeatedly and they go straight to the junk/spam folder automatically (I am guessing that this is how they got access to your WOW account). Finally you should immediately change every single password you have on every login you have to be a mixture of Alpha,numeric and other symbols combined of at least 8 or more characters.
  5. Hi does anyone know how to STOP ADAWARE fro auto-starting itself from time to time. First its irritating that it does this and second it consumes system resources ....... why does it do this anyway when the user doen't request it? It just sits there doing nothing.
  6. Yeah, i have seen some differences also......just now it said I had a trojan and I ticked the boxes (all of them)and hit "REMOVE" it appeared to do that but when i reviewed the log file there was no mention of the trojan. Also have you noticed that the logfile pathname specified in SETTINGS->Logfiles does not exist. I wonder if these discrepancies were actually properly checked when the software was in testing or they are just oversights
  7. I have exactly the same problem. I switched my execution to BACKGROUND mode because even with a laptop with 2Ghz dual core and 1GB memory it consumes too many system resources to run in foreground (you would have thought they would have checked for this before releasing the product). Now in background it has been running for 25hrs and its frozen to such an extent that I can't even hit the "Stop Scan" button with any effect. Looks like a poor job was done during BETA testing of the software for such essentially simple issues to have been overlooked.