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  1. I have sent a reply to these but they may not have filtered through. Re I decided to try the latest fix suggested, however, when I loaded it, the download went straight through without problem, therfore, people having had this 1920 error problem may wish to try again. I have no anwer to why this went through O.K. Thanks for all your help everybody.
  2. Is it worth me pursueing trying to install adaware 2007 when I keep getting Error 1920 ? I have been trying for many weeks but it would appear to be unsolveable by the manufacturers. I have seen a few claimed solutions but I don't really wish to go through all the procedures when it should download simply. Why are the inventers so lax ? is it because it's free and not financially beneficial to them ? Regards, Gordon.
  3. Windows XP Home S.P.2. System, Trying to install Adaware 2007, I get to the, "Update System", page and the next pop up is a 1920 error warning. Any help how to get over this error and be able to install would be appreciated. Regards.