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  1. Did you download the latest AAW package on Do you still experience any problem or has the problem been solved now for you? LS Chris
  2. Hello, Have you experience this problem for a long time? Do you still have the problem? We do not have any reports that there should be any problems with our download servers. Please try again to disable or check your firewall settings. Regards Christopher Manager, Lavasoft Security Center
  3. The issue is solved. Please check out Thanks.
  4. Thank you for your input. We will do some research about this and get back to as soon as we know more. LS Stoffe
  5. The upload are now fixed and the new limit is on 20 megs. Thanks for the input. LS Stoffe
  6. I will address this to our IT-department and get back to you with a fix as soon as possible if it is possible. //LS Stoffe
  7. Thank you for your input. The number on the page has been corrected. If you want to send in larger files, please feel free to mail them to us in a zip format with the password "infected" to [email protected] Christopher
  8. This was the result of a bad fingerprint. It will be fixed in next release. //Christopher
  9. For me it seems that you are using an old version of our auth checker. Please delete the files in your plugin folder under your version of AAW. You should normaly be able to find it under c:\program files\lavasoft\Ad-Aware\plugins\ Then you can try out downloading the def file again. If you still want to use our new auth checker, please download the latest version. Let me know if you still experience any further questions after this steps.
  10. We can now confirm this as a FP and it will be fixed in next release. Thank you for your contribution. //LS Stoffe
  11. Hello, Thank you for your report. We are investigating and will reply asap. //LS Stoffe
  12. What version of AAW do you using? Do you still having problem?
  13. You welcome! We can do guick turnaround when we have users like you the report fp that quick!
  14. The false positives are confirmed and a new update is available. This release fixes False positives in: Adware.AdMedia TrojanBackdoor.Serv-U BargainBuddy Win32.Trojan.Agent Win32.Trojan.Downloader.
  15. Hi, Open Ad-Aware. On the main you see "open Quarentine list. If you double click on the quarentine list with correct date you can see the log file and if you want restore the data. Please let us know if you experience any problem... //Stoffe
  16. Thank you spike-nz for that comment. Please let us know if you run into any problem or any new problem with this new definition file.
  17. Hi, A new release has been made that should take care of this. Thank you for the information.
  18. A new release has been made that should take care of this. Thank you for the information.
  19. Aaw will never remove anything without informing you what it found and what it will remove if you mark "to remove checkers" in aaw. What make you so sure that it is aaw? Do you have any log files left on you computer that shows that you where infected with something that could have been a false positive? In that case please post that log file in here.
  20. What I need is the log file back when you where infected and aaw wanted to replace that key. Do you think it is possible to find that log file and post it here?
  21. I would like a log file for this scan. You can't got this result without any other detection. I whould like to know what more you where infected with.... Could you please post you full log file here?
  22. This is a Grey zone because this could be used by a download but I'll treat this a fp and remove it for todays release.
  23. I can confirm that we had a typo in the update popup notice. This doesnt effect ad-aware or the def file at all. The typo is fixed and thank you for the notification.
  24. Hi, Could you please do a hijacklog for us, then we can help you. Instructions on creating a HijackThis Log
  25. Hi, Tried to go to the site and do some analyze about this but the site seems to be down. Do you have the installer package saved? Or do you think you can fetch it somewhere and send it in to us. Attach the file and send it to [email protected] //Stoffe