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  1. Nope. Same thing. And why would I want to skip a file? That defeats the purpose doesn't it? I guess this isn't going to get fixed judging by the responses...
  2. Same boat. I just posted a thread (somewhere) and can't find a link on my controls, so who knows where... Bottom line: won't complete a scan. I've uninstalled 3 times at least, tried the suggestions in the other threads and nothing. It runs slow, it took me a day to find the update progress section, and slows down anything else I run with it. I have hardly anything on my PC - no MP3's, no video content - just some pics and a few programs. I run AVG & AdAware and have never had any issues until I couldn't update the old version before Christmas and downloaded this nightmare. I'm very close to dumping it and trying to find something else. This is ridiculous (judging by other threads) how long this has been an issue. Not sure what is so vastly different from the last free version, but this new one can't even complete its main task. Very dissappointed long time user (who got others hooked on it). Very sad if nothing changes.
  3. Hi, everybody. First time using the forum - I have never experienced any issues like this before. First, I had to switch to the new free download, as I couldn't update (went to like 25 days w/o an update). Second, I've uninstalled/installed at least 3 times now, and AAW2007 will NOT stop scanning. Same thing everytime: 'file folders' (conditional). It ran for 41 hrs at one point (out of morbid curiosity I let it keep going). I've tried the suggestions in a couple other threads - neither type of scan will result in a full scan and changing the size (?) or whatever doesn't work either. I am unable to stop scanning as well (to add insult to injury). I have to ctrl/alt/del the hell out of it to close it, or just restart my PC. BTW, I have no corrupted files, according to my defragment report. Third, it takes FOREVER for AAW2007 to pop-up/open-up and close. It says "Done" for about 5 minutes before the menu-type screen finally comes up. Lastly, I really can't run any other programs while AAW is up. It takes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long. I keep a pretty clean PC (minimal programs, barely any saved content - no mp3 files, no video - just some pics). Not sure what's up (other than a whole ######-load of files that I need AAW for). What gives? I'm very dissappointed to say the least, and my pc is running horribly right now. I'm tempted to dump AAW all together, given the repetive/ineffective solutions or lack of responses I've peaked at on other threads. The last version ran great and didn't seem to interfere with my other programs - not sure why it was abandoned. PS - why all the extra buttons, when they're for the other versions anyway?