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  1. Ad-aware Se has expired. There is a new version available however I suggest you read through the forum before deciding to install. You can still manually update Ad-aware se by downloading the latest definition file and following the instructions that you should be able to find in this thread. Click Here
  2. Thank you for all your help. I have went back to se for now anyways and I didn't think about checking the dep settings. I will remember this for when I decide to use 2007 again. Believe it or not I found a very simple solution to The manual updates in Se and vista. After all that trouble all I had to do was right click and run as administrater and then it recognizes the new def. if I just open to run it then it does not. I don't know why but it dosn't really matter. Atleast now I can do an up to date scan. As for the def files for se, do you know how long the def files will be available? I'd really rather continue using se as long as possible until the bugs are gone from 2007. It seemed to take forever to scan. Thanks again.
  3. Ive been using se on vista for awhile with no trouble but I tried to run in xp compatibility to see if it had anything to do with the updates but it dosn't. I compared my xp settings to the adaware setting in vista and they seem the same. Other then the def files showing 100 days old se works great on visa. Here is the strange part. Like i said I can replace the old def file with the new ones but adaware just isn't reading them. I rechecked the adaware folder to make sure that it still showed the new def files and it did last night,(2-11-08) however when I checked it this morning the files in the adaware folder showed may 2007. That seems odd sense I replaced them. Another odd thing is that when i first reinstalled adaware the def files where dated back in 2005, but after installing the def from 2-11-08 it reads it as may 2007. I used the same exact def files on the xp and it reads 2-11-08 so I am sure it it the right def. I know I'm probably confusing everyone. I have already confused myself! Another thing. Before I uninstalled 2007 due to probmems i was having i couldn't do a manual update on it either (on vista). I finally figured out how by reading another post that spike had made about web updates. It didn't solve my web update problem but I figured this out: (this is on vista with the 2007 version of adaware) Instead of copying the def file by going to c:programfiles/lavasoft/adaware2007 I did this instead: clicked on run and typed in explorer"%programData%/lavasoft/ad-aware2007/" and pasted the def file here and it worked with 2007. The manual update would only worked if i pasted the def file this way. It seems like there should be a similar command I could use with the se version. Hope I didn't confuse you. Thanks for your help.
  4. I am having the same problem. It tells me that it is receiving upadtes but I get the message that update manager is not repsonding. I can close ad-aware but have to use task manager to close the box that the error message is in.
  5. I was having the same problem and never could get it to work so I downloaded instead with no problems downloading.
  6. Thanks spike. I was actually having trouble downloading so I finally downloaded the previous version 7.0.25. I was getting the same message as a lot of others trying to download the new release but the previous version downloaded fine. It just takes forever to do a scan. By now my pc is totally infested! Thanks for your help
  7. I was having trouble downloading 2007 so that is why I was going to keep se. I downloaded the new update and it work flawlessly on the xp but vista still didn't recognize it. Anyways I decided to dowload the older version of 2007 and had no problems with the download on the vista, so far anyways. It does run very slow so I am going to keep manually updating se on my xp for awhile until I see how this is going to work. Boy this can be a headache! Thanks for your help.
  8. I have tried using the instructions above on both my vista and xp and still get the same message as well. I also noticed that the download was only about 4 mb, and it was supposed to be atleast 20 mb? I have tried to stick with se instead and do a manual update which works well on my xp but it will not work on my vista. It dosn't recognize the updated def file and loads the old files all the way back from may which is strange because I have updated several times since then. I also tried to update my windows installer and reinstall adaware 2007, but again no luck
  9. I tried this with my xp and my vista computer and everything works fine with my xp. It shows the current definition files being loaded. At first it worked on my vista, then all of a sudden my vista is loading def files from last may. I checked the folder and the current definition files are still there. i even reinstalled adaware and the newest definition files but it is still loading the def files from may. I unzipped the file the same way that I did on my xp computer. Anyone know why it is not working in vista? Thanks in advance.