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  1. I just tried to check to see if there was an update and it's been saying it can't connect to download server and to check my internet connection. Well, since I am typing this post here now, I do seem to have an internet connection. Apparently there is something wrong with their download server and not my internet connection.
  2. Hi The tai setting has been at 1 and it still doesn't pick up any tracking cookies. I have read recently that tracking cookies are becoming the vehicles of putting nasties in your computer besides causing spam. It just seems very odd that my other scans pick up like 12 or 15 tracking cookies, but none with Ad-aware. I believe I have been pointed to look at Spybot Search & Destroy's definition of tracking cookies, but that program picks up at least 8+ tracking cookies as soon as I finish with this scan. I run all these programs as a as needed process, so they are not being blocked live time. Occasionally, 2007 would find 1 or 2 cookies, but so far none with this program. I don't think I notice the program scanning where the cookies are located or else my cookies are located in a different location than what this program scans. It takes less than 12 minutes now to scan with the Smart Scan. The full scan found nothing either when I tried that one. Thanks for trying to help though. Ad-Aware SE was the best program. That found cookies and other things too. floplo IE 7 XP Pro SP2 fully patched
  3. I guess my tracking cookies are invisible to Ad-Aware 2007 and 2008.
  4. Hi I have had the settings that you mentioned set that way, but I have no luck with having this program find any tracking cookies. Today I even did a full scan and nothing. Spybot finds like 10 tracking cookies, but none with Ad-aware. With Ad-aware 2007, I would say it was a lot if that program found any cookies like 10 times in the year that I had the program. When it did find any cookies, it was like 1 or 2 when the other programs found many more. I was hoping for better luck with the 2008 version.... I know tracking cookies aren't a real dangerous thing, but it does supposedly have the ability to find them....
  5. I was more interested to know if it does scan them in the smart scan. This program hasn't been able to find tracking cookies very often. The last time it found one was back in April with the 2007 version. I know that they are there and other programs find them, but Ad- aware doesn't seem to think they are important to find. I use other scans after this one and they find like 10 cookies, but none with this program. I know your technology has changed, but I still think tracking cookies are important to be removed also before they can be the cause of other problems.
  6. Does Ad-aware 2008 Free edition scan these 2 folders: C:\Documents and Settings\name of person\cookies and C:\Documents and Settings\name of person\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files?. I am referring to these folders in XP pro using IE 7. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi Casey Yes, that helps to know that. Thank you.
  8. Hi I have noticed now when I check for updates using the web update section, it says checking for updates and then it just starts downloading. It would be nice to see what it is that we are downloading, meaning whether it is definition updates or perhaps a program update. I think there should be some sort of popup announcement saying what it is that we are downloading.
  9. I got that same popup with the free 2007 version also before I downloaded the 2008. This program still doesn't find any tracking cookies either. I was hoping that function of the program would improve with the new version since it takes like 4 times longer now to scan, but it still comes up with nothing...
  10. I just downloaded the new version of Ad-aware and now they are doing the very thing that this program is supposed to stop. I got the ads with the old version also. This is probably why the program doesn't find tracking cookies. I thought that perhaps the newer version would find the tracking cookies since this is the main source of getting spam emails and what not. The tracking cookie in itself may be harmless, but it is the way other bad things can get started. Like they say, an ounce of prevention is better sometimes than the cure. To me, the prevention is the getting rid of any tracking cookies that do come up. In this version the scan does take more than 3 minutes to do. It looks like Lavasoft Ad-Aware needs to change it's name now.
  11. I'm still having problems with the program finding tracking cookies and when it does find them and delete them, then my logins are gone too. I know there must be some tracking cookies in my computer, but none have been found in the last 10 days. If they are coming out with a new program in May after only having 2007 for a year, there must be a problem with the program or else they are cutting out xp support perhaps. Just a guess about that though....
  12. Hi I am having the same sort of problem too. Adaware doesn't find tracking cookies very often, but lately when it does find and removes them, I too have been losing my auto logins. I am using IE 7 with XP Pro and security set to medium with 3rd party cookies blocked. On the last 2 occasions when the program did find a cookie, there was only 1 cookie found. I deleted that cookie and there went my auto logins including the one for my ISP to log into their web based email. I thought maybe it was the mediaplex cookie deletion that had done this, but the next time it happened, it was a different cookie that was found which I deleted. I can't recall now which cookie it was. I use Zone Alarm Pro, but I have the cookie control part turned off and the same thing with my other programs. I like to use these scanning programs as needed and not continuously running in the background. It's happened now with the program finding 2 different cookies, but 1 cookie at each scan on different days.
  13. Yes, I do appreciate everyone who has offered some sort of help or advice or who has made a post in my previous threads. I do the same sort of thing in Game Spy Arcade forum. I am one of the main ones who help out in the GSA Forum and in the game lobby of the game I play. I know what a help the volunteers are as I am one of them in GSA. I think I am just about the only VIP in GSA that is a volunteer and not a guest speaker. I'm not one of the official helpers that wear the tag by my choice, so they made me a VIP instead. I know these types of forums are run by volunteers and you guys all do a great job and put in the time you have in the forum that you can put in. Sorry, if I gave you the wrong impression.
  14. Thank you for responding to my post. Finally, some one from Lavasoft has taken the time to respond other than Spike. It just seems so odd that the program will find the cookies one day and they will get deleted. Then the next day, the very same cookies will go undetected sometimes for weeks and weeks. I know they are in your database if they were for instance found on April 1, but then nothing after that for the same identical cookies. I realize they not a huge threat to my computer. It just seems so inconsistant in finding them... I can't go back to give you an actual for instance since the logs don't stay any more with Adaware 2007. I can't seem to change the number of logs to keep on my computer since it stays at 1. Spike has tried to help, don't get me wrong. Here's one cookie I find every night in my cookie folder.atdmt.com Now, on occasion it will be found and I can delete with your program. Why is it on some smart scans it is found, but on the majority of them it isn't found? That is what is puzzling me, not the discovery of new cookies, but the same ones. Any way, thanks for replying
  15. Hi Sorry, no I didn't try looking for it since I assumed it would be in the same area as it was placed before. I was unaware of that method of finding my thread also. I didn't expect that it would have been placed in a resolved area of the forum when my problem is still ongoing. I realize it is a long thread and has been going on for quite some time, but so has the problem been going on for a long time.