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  1. I hope someone can help especially a admin, I bought the upgraded version of my favorite adaware program, Adaware Pro from a reseller I suppose from the business name Digiweb Corporation I paid $49.00 by paypal and got a Activation number and thought, ok good......I activated a link I had, but the program did not work so well, the backup registry did not function at all.........I thought this is strange So I emailed them, [email protected], no answer,then again, no answer, through paypal , no answer Since I have been busy running my co. etc...I finally went to paypal to file a complaint to get my monies back, but they said I could not file. So that was a waste of time. You see, I went to use the new Adaware Pro program that I bought and now I cant find it on my computer anymore? IT DISSAPPEARED! I did not delete it and its not in the running programs in my computer, Im not a computer novice either, I look all over the place. My shortcut is gone I have nothing, its been a month, I bought on 1/14/08. Does anyone know if they can help me I have this activation code but its not a registration key and I cannot log in anywhere but here and I am out 49.00 please let me now if anyone can offer assistance, I have a code: Activation Number: JAYHD8 ( did not put the rest of the code here) Please let me know I have had no response from this supposed reseller and hope a higher up administrator can help me verify the validity if this Co and they fact that I'm out 49.00 and have no program to show for it, seems odd does it not? email: [email protected] Kitty Kat