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  1. Thank you Spike for ur reply. However, I still am reluctant to update my Ad-aware, because I do NOT want French or Spanish (which it seems has been added to updates) clogging up my pc, so I have not updated for a while now. How can I make a suggestion to the Ad-aware higher-ups to give us the option to update and d/load ONLY ENGLISH - then others who wish may have the option to update their French/Spanish languages. It seems as if we are trapped in a no-win situation where we have no option but to d/load updates for French and Spanish which are completely useless to us who only speak/write/read English. I sincerely hope that Adaware can address this problem as soon as possible. Also, since my current version of AdAware 2007 is 0061.0000 should I uninstall it and d/load the newer (???) version Any suggestions or links for uninstalling? Thanks for ur help.
  2. I notice that when I go to Web Update the following are checked by default - French and Spanish Language (besides English lang). How about the other services which have no check marks - are these auto enabled - I cannot select them. Since I won't ever have the need to use either language it seems to me that these updates will use up unnecessary and valuable space on my pc. I would like the option to download updates in English language only. Is there any way we can decline Fr and Sp? Would appreciate your kind reply. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone here have an answer for me? Am unsure if I should download the updates because of the above. Does the green check marks mean that those objects will be updated? Thanks.
  4. AdAware 2007-Version 0061.0000. When I go to Web Update/Update I notice that the following "objects" have default green check marks: Service/GUI/LangEng/LangFr. Why is this? I certainly don't want to update French language - so why are these objects checked by default? Also, I notice that the following are not checked: AdWatch/WebUpdate/Tools/Plugins/Other. Am I supposed to enable these - if so, how? Thanks for any advice.
  5. Let me know your current version.Was SE installed before you downloaded 2007 ? SE was uninstalled before I d/loaded AdAware 2007. (I have no current version at this time). As per instructions in your web link above, I disabled Zone Alarm and AVG and Windows firewall and tried to install aaw2007.exe while connected to the internet. Still no success. I get this msg with: Repair option, or Remove (as default) which says "uninstall AdAware2007 from this computer". Now why should I want to uninstall it when all I am trying to do is install it? Would appreciate any further advice. Thank you.
  6. I just downloaded Ad-Aware 2007 Free to my Windows XP pc. I installed the .exe program. When I tried to "update" it, I get this msg: "Update - SSL download failed. Suggested action - Run Web Update". When I run Web Update, I get the same error msg above. I would appreciate any advice on how to successfully update it. Also, when I d/loaded/installed Ad-Aware 2007, it also apparently installed (??) Ad-Watch 2007 as this icon is on my desktop along with icon for Ad-Aware 2007. I do not want Ad-Watch 2007., and don't know why the icon is on my desktop since it is not in Add/Remove Programs. Can I delete Ad-Watch icon (says it will delete shortcut but not the program itself???) - how do I delete the program itself? will deleting it affect Ad-Adware 2007? Thanks for help.