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  1. Hooray! Thanks to you though - I decided to change the notification area - and turned on "dont use notifications" and clicked on "allow" and now the sites work! Big relief. Although I am a bit worried that even with ad-watch completely turned off it was still blocking these sites. Is it possible it has changed the registry? I may still need some more help fixing this. *Edit to add.... one of the games sites I use has a feature that took me 2 weeks to use because I had to make many many adjustments to my computer settings to use it, and it has now gone back to not working again. It appears to still be blocking this although I have turned ad-watch off. I am a little concerned that I cannot get some aspects of ad-watch to quit working even when turning it off.
  2. Thanks Raziel. I see my first problem. I do not have that option. This is mine: My problems always have to be extra complicated
  3. I have had Ad-Aware 2007 Pro Version for a long time. I use Firefox and XP. Recently I decided to turn on Ad-Watch. As soon as I did, 2 of my bookmarked sites that I use the most will not work (I get "this page timed out" or it hangs and never shows anything). Other sites, like google and every other site I've tried, works just fine. My friends have no problem accessing the 2 sites that are now blocked on my computer, so I know they are functioning. I turned Ad-Watch off and these sites still will not work. I had been to both sites shortly before I activated Ad-watch and they worked fine. I thought maybe it was a fluke that the problem happened at the same time as I turned on Ad-watch, so even though I turned Ad-watch off again, I did a system restore. These sites still will not open. I tried not using the bookmarked links, just typing in the addresses, and tried going through google. Nothing works. I use Nod32 antivirus, which I have turned completely off, and the sites still don't work. I have ran Ad-aware and deleted all data mining cookies, deleted all cookies, deleted temp files. Any help? *Edit to add - I am finding more sites I cannot access. Mostly all gaming sites that I have used for years. These are some: