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  1. Well thats a better haul of links than I was able to get. I'll work my way through some of them Thanks. In the meantime I got rid of the specific file identified as being infected with the trojan and have been working through the applicable Trend quide to trojan removal. I also looked in the registry for specific files id'd by the Trend quide. I know I was looking in the right places but couldnt find the files they identified. Not too sure what that might mean but on that basis I am running Clamwin in Safe mode for another check. If it comes up clean I will begin trying to do the Adaware installation again. Will keep you updated on the outcome. Cheers Andrez
  2. Hi all, So far it looks as if the virus hypothesis is in the lead. As a follow up on the problem, I installed and ran ClamWin and this time found a Trojan: Trojan.IRCBot-725. I left the software running and found that Trend Officescan had fired itself up and reported finding another Trojan: TROJ_Dropper.BEW. I was able to find info on Dropper.BEW on the Trend Website and will use the removal instructions for that item. Unfortunately Trojan.IRCBot isnt in the Trend database nor can I find any more than a couple of references to it on the 'net and certainly no removal info. I will keep looking for the moment. It may be just be the same trojan by another name but I drew a blank on the Symantec and the McAfee databases as well. Not too sure where else to look for that info at the moment. Would you have any info or a link to a reference on Trojan.IRCBot ? Anyway, I'll follow up on the Trend removal procedures and then try again with the Adaware installation and see if the problem Code LP5 error is still there. Once the trojan is knocked out I'll try another installation of Adaware. If it fails, I'll take the next step and go through the searching process as suggested by Raziel and find and eliminate any stray Adaware SE bits and then try another install. I'll go this way because although I want to knock out the "bug" I'm interested in isolating the procedure that makes the difference and then pass that info on. Thanks for all your feedback to date, Cheers, Andrez
  3. Hi there Raziel, I have downloaded WICU and will get back to you re the outcome of the cleanup process. FYI though the issue is not just an AOL one though. There are a number of other programs that people have identified on the net that seem to have caused the same error. AOL is just one of these. I have also seen it when trying to install the program "Registry Booster" by Uniblue. Their Tech support was next to useless in providing me any useful feedback and so the purchase of that program was a waste of money from my point of view. I guess it boils down to two things: 1. What is code LP5? What causes it? That would at least give some guidance to the most appropriate strategies 2. How do we fix/get rid of the issue? At this stage all I have is: 1. It may be caused by another virus/spyware...... that noone seems to have had much experience with. 2. It may be due to an install/uninstall issue with Lavasofts products. In which case I wont be buying their product and will advise my clients the same as I am unwilling to be a beta tester for potentially "unfinished" paid products. 3. The problem may lie in some aspect of the Microsoft OS..... which wouldnt surprise me, but where? 4. No one actually from Lavasoft on this board available to address the issue! (Apologies if I have misunderstood the source of previous contributions as not being from the Lavasoft team)
  4. Thank you for this feedback as well. I ran this utility yesterday and deleted several things including the temp files noted above. Am unclear as to how they might have influenced the Code LP5 error. Do you have any understanding as to the cause of the error i.e. what Code LP5 is about? I reinstalled but the same error appeared as described in the initial post. On conclusion of the "install" I tried to run the program and then received the following... "The application failed to initialise properly 0xc0000142. Click OK to terminiate....." See attached file. FYI I uninstalled using Add/Remove programs which triggers the Lavasoft uninstaller. A pity the installer doesnt work as well! SE PErsonal was previously installed. It was uninstalled again via Add/Remove programs. Adaware_error_No_2.pdf
  5. No worries Peter. I am running XP but the interface is the Classic Win 2000 viewing option. Cheers, Andrez Now back to the main issue!
  6. Hi I have had this issue installing Adaware 2007 free that amounts to getting an error message that states: Error while unpacking program, code LP5, please report to author. The point at which the installation fails is with 9 seconds to go and is at the point where the installer says Enter Licence information. See the attached pdf to confirm this. The version is and the OS is XP with all current patches. SP's etc. I have done a number of searches but have not found any useful/relevant information on how to deal with the issue. It seems clear that the issue is not specific to Adaware as users of other programs seem to be experiencing it too. There is some suggestion that some spyware or trojan is responsible but I cannot find any on my system using Spybot, Trojan hunter or Trend Office scan with all the current updates. If possible I would like to know what is causing the problem as well as how to deal with it. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers A. PS: I was considering paying for the pro version but will not proceed unless this issues can be resolved before I exchange $$ for a licence for what could be a dud. Adaware_2007_error.pdf