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  1. I have been having similar issues with the latest version of Adaware 2007 (free) I installed the program on 3 of the 4 computers on my home network, and then went to run the web update feature from within the program. For each computer, I received the error message "SSL download failed" after readin g the FAQ for this problem, it was determined that software based, and hardware based firewalls (eg Norton firewall, or a router's firewall) are the cause of this problem and should be disabled before running web update. For this reason I am extremely insecure about using adaware 2007! This is a MAJOR security risk! Firewalls are there to keep computers, and networks safe from hackers, so i ask this question... What if I disable the router's firewall, and my software firewalls to run web update, and someone hacks into my network? I'm sorry, but this issue needs to be fixed ASAP!! With a program that is meant to increase, and safegaurd the computer's security from spyware, adware, and other malicious software, how can you possibly require that the computer be put at open risk to online threats suck as hackers? I'm sorry, but this is not acceptable. Please fix this, or you may end up losing a large number of customers. Please note: I am a computer technician, and feel that this information should be made known to the public. Security issues, and threats are one of the main things I work to correct in my business.