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  1. Thanks Raziel! I looked at the web site and read some of the reviews. Apparently it is very highly rated. I will give it a try.
  2. I installed the 30 day trial version of the Personal Firewall on my 64-bit XP system. I was happy to find a firewall that would work with a 64bit OS. The Zone Alarm folks have been sleeping at their desks for the last 3 years. Finally a company that will take the baton from them and move forward into the 21st century. Unfortunately this program doesn't work. Nice try, but No Banana! The program installed without errors, but when I rebooted, the boot process stopped at the display of my desktop background picture. I don't get any icons, no quick launch bar, no start button, just a pretty picture. I can do an alt-ctrl-delete, and the dialogue box displays correctly, but none of the buttons work except the "shut down" button. I was able to repair my machine by shutting down and booting into safe mode and uninstalling the buggy firewall. Thank God I didn't buy this thing. I would call Tech Support for assistance, but they won't let you contact them unless you register the program, but you can't register the trial program if it never allows your machine to boot up. I guess that keeps them from having to hear any bad news. I am soooooo tired of buggy software. Isn't there any quality control in the software industry! Does anybody have any ideas on how to get this program to work?