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  1. Ok, thanks. On a side note, when you goto Lavasoft's main page here:, then Click on "Community" > "Forum", it just reroutes back to the main page with this URL: . This has been happening in both Microsoft Edge and IE for the past several weeks. I have to google search for Lavasoft Adaware Forum to get the correct URL:
  2. Thanks for the tips. I uninstalled AdAware, rebooted, then I downloaded and ran your Lavasoft AdAware Removal Tool:, after restarting, I happened to check "Show which icons to appear on the taskbar" and I see 2 instances of AdAwareTray.exe that still appear as icons even after uninstalling Adaware and running the removal tool (which I anticipate may have been a side effect of my problem.) I did a online search and found both a Microsoft discussion that involves a manual removal/reset process: And a separate forum discussion on that includes a .bat file that automates the Icon cache reset process: This cleared the 2 instances of AdAwareTray.exe that were appearing. I reinstalled a clean version of AdAware (Version, however, the icon still does not appear to display anything when hovering over it with your mouse. Maybe it's not supposed to?
  3. Some months ago, I let my OCD get the best of me and attempted to correctly respell the Adaware startup menu folder and taskbar icon to include the capitol "A" at the beginning (vs. the adaware folder/icon that appears now) In doing so, I believe I corrupted the taskbar icon so now when you hover over it with your mouse, it doesn't display any name at all. I uninstalled/reinstalled Adaware, eventually leaving the startup menu folder to just "adaware" (and its subfolders to "adaware antivirus" and "adaware antivirus support", however, even after a clean installation, the taskbar tray icon simply doesn't reflect any name when hovering over it (say vs. Norton 360 that displays "Norton 360" when hovering over it.) I was wondering if there is a way to fix this? Currently using Adaware Antivirus Free version However, this issue persisted in the past couple of versions as well. Thanks.
  4. Upon rebooting my computer today (Windows 7 Pro), I received an error message from BitDefender Threat Scanner, "A problem has occurred in BitDefender Threat Scanner. A file containing erro information has been created at C:\Windows\TEMP\8040f9f7-70e0-469a-90a3-4c125905613c\Bit Defender Threat Scanner.dmp. You are strongly encouraged to send the file to the developers of the application for further investigation of the error." This occurs at both reboot as well as if I attempt to manually start Adaware Antivirus. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the information and no worries. This Dimension XPS 2nd generation desktop is really old (12+ years) but it still works just fine (albeit, very slowly), unfortunately, I am not able to upgrade to Windows 7 cleanly without having to scour Dell for additional drivers, etc which is also one of the reasons I never updated AdAware on it either since I have heard that the newer versions conflict with Norton more critically than previous versions did. system is really old, and have been saving up for a new one before installing. I will delete the Upgrade Advisor and download directly from Microsoft. Thanks for your support and assistance.
  6. Still running Adaware 9.6.0 and it flags the CNet Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.exe as a possible Trjoan. Please let me know if this is a False Positive? Thanks. Scan_2014-08-30-12-31-17.log
  7. Thanks, CecilaB for those links. It's good to know that Lavasoft has moved to a full-featured product. When my Norton360 license expires, I will most likely remove Norton360 and purchase the full version of AdAware 10 and run just the one program. I have to admit, the times in the past that I have had issues, I've found Lavasoft's support forums' Moderator suggestions and resolution team have always resolved my issues second to none. I can't say that about Norton at all.
  8. Glad I found this thread. I had waited on AdAware 10 for several months before installing it, I did a clean uninstall of AdAware 9, went to install 10, and can't get past the 'Please uninstall Norton 360 to continue' prompt. AdAware 9 worked well in conjunction with Norton 360 (although, over the last couple of months, I would receive error shut down messages for AdAware 9 that I believe were conflicting with Norton 360) but both apps still appeared to work together most of the times. Hopefully, the good folks at Lavasoft will figure out how to get AdAware 10 to work simultaneously with Norton products in the future.
  9. The problem now is that I am unable to remove, edit. modify the GUI listing under the Quarantine tab. Whatever I attempt to do to remove the listing doesn't work, it just reverts back to 'Do Nothing'. I thought it had fixed itself once I rebooted, but it simply reappeared under the Quarantine tab. How do I remove this listing from the GUI?
  10. Ok, next question. I want to restore this instance back to the original Norton 360 location. Everytime I click on restore from the Quarantine tab in Ad-Aware, all it does is display 'Do Nothing' immediately afterwards. If I click on 'Custom' it adds the instance to the Ignore List. I am unable to remove or restore this instance at all from Ad-Aware. Removing the file from C:Documents and Settings > Application Data > Lavasoft > Quarantine folder doesn't affect the listing, nor does removing C:Documents and Settings > Application Data > Lavasoft > Logs text file do anything to change what appears in the Quarantine GUI. Any advice?
  11. Based on your guide for posting False Positives, the download instructions for XP state to navigate to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Quarantine which is what I zipped above already. The location that the potential FP was quarantined from within the Norton folder is unaccesible to me at all. I receive an "Access is Denied" message. Should I be looking for this file somewhere else? I did a physical search for "e2f37708.tmp" and found nothing on the C drive. I would like to add, it occured to me that about a week or so ago, Norton 360 stopped a trojan while browsing the internet via Sandboxie. Since this is the first time I have run across malware while sandboxed, how does that instance interact with Norton 360? I believe that once I close Sandboxie the malware is removed, or because Norton 360 caught it, it sill makes a record within it's own files possibly?
  12. Currently residing in the Quarantine of Adaware, please let me know if this is a false positive. Based on what Adaware is telling me, will it automatically delete upon reboot?
  13. akcan, can you please create a separate thread for your issue so I can get a more expedited response for mine?