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  1. Basically, i did a scan with ad-aware coz everytime i connect to the internet, some virus starts trying to send a billion emails about enlarging your ###### e.t.c i found the virus and deleted all traces, except the actual main bloody virus!! i click remove and it won't go away it is called "Family Id: 1006 Name: Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent Category: Virus TAI:10" the registry keys not deleted involved are: Item Id: 300021307 Value: Root: HKLM Path: system\controlset001\services\ccevtmgr Item Id: 300021311 Value: Root: HKLM Path: system\controlset001\services\symevent Item Id: 300021312 Value: Root: HKLM Path: system\controlset001\services\symtdi Item Id: 300021314 Value: Root: HKLM Path: system\currentcontrolset\services\ccevtmgr Item Id: 300021318 Value: Root: HKLM Path: system\currentcontrolset\services\symevent Item Id: 300021319 Value: Root: HKLM Path: system\currentcontrolset\services\symtdi PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME