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  1. I thank you for your assistance and information. I have however uninstalled and have discontinued the use of ad-aware.
  2. Just updated to 0.149.0145 (at 8:45 A.M. Eastern time). I hoped that it fixed the issue but alas the issue remains.
  3. Well folks, I think this issue is being overlooked for some reason. I did email LS Calamity Jane regarding it, and did not receive an answer yet, nor has there been any real progress in this thread apart from being told that it has a bug number.
  4. regarding bug #3452, it there a fix in the works?
  5. [quote name='LS thekim' post='115880' date='Jan 28 2010, 04:08 PM']Hey This has been reported as a bug in our bug tracking system, Bug #3452 Regards Kim - Lavasoft Support[/quote] O.K. thanks for the information, will there be a fix for it soon?
  6. I also have the same problem. It started happening after the last major update a few days ago. When Update is clicked (both in the program window, and through the systray icon) the update window appears and the bottom progress bar flashes so fast you cannot see what is listed then the upper progress bar becomes solid blue and it states "reinitializing components". The Systray Icon disappears and reappears in a few seconds. No matter how many time you initiate the update process the same thing happens and it never states "You have the most up do date software". There is something wrong with the update version 8.1.4
  7. Is Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition compatible with Windows 7? The manual does not list Windows 7 as one of the operating systems in the requirments section.
  8. I thank you for your quick and informative reply. Randal
  9. I have only run a full system scan twice, and both time the "submit files to threatwork" window has poped up. When I send files, am I sending the actual file, or am I sending a copy of the file? Randal
  10. It came back with three cookies. It did not ask if I wanted to send anything for analysis. The report stated that they were removed successfully. Thanks for you help. Randal
  11. Thanks for the information, this program is much different then their previous program which I was using. Randal
  12. I installed and ran Ad-Aware for the first time tonight. It picked up 6 cookies with a TAC of 3. I selected Remove all. A window popped up asking if I would like to submit suspicious files. I said yes. I noticed that all 6 Cookies were gone but at the top in red it said "Clean Failed", does it always say that after removing cookies, or did I miss somthing more important? Randal
  13. I want to extend my thanks to Calamity Jane for all of her assistance in this matter. I am now up and running. As a free edition user I am thankful to both Lavasoft, and it's volunteers in making this program available, and in correcting issues like these. I have noticed that many users become quite irritated when issues occure, and it comes through loud and clear in their posts. I think that we all should be appreciative of all the effort, time and money put into providing this critical resource for those of us who cannot afford to pay for a program like this. Thanks again Lavasoft, and Calamity Jane. Randal
  14. I beg to differ, I'm still having the same issues. Wonder if it might be due to a recent Windows XP update? Randal