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  1. i see there is an update today, do i have to install the security toolbar ?, i dont want it
  2. [quote name='OliveOyl' post='123062' date='Oct 3 2010, 07:26 PM']I am experiencing the same situation after installing 8.3.3 which became 8.3.4. The Update Manager opens and does nothing for a long time (I haven't timed it precisely), then it downloads quickly, but takes forever to apply the updates. I've developed my own work around--I do my own manual updates at the start of my computer sessions so it's not an inconvenience for me to wait, but I have noticed how doggone slow it is. I used to have 8.1.4 which I had to get rid of when it morphed into a Beta Version. I like Ad-Aware and will keep my fingers crossed that the techies will come up with a fix for this soon.[/quote] i have the newest version out, smae for me, downloading the updates is fine, but applying the updates took about 40 minutes one time , longer other times, and i have windows xp home sp3, 40 gig hard drive and 3 gigs of ram
  3. todays date 10-4-10 i have ad-aware version 8.3.4. takes for ever to load , takes for ever to update and i mean like for ever !, it took 1.5 hours to update, took like 5 minutes to load. in the past it did both fine. you really need to improve the load times and update speed. please fix this . thanks.
  4. todays date 10-15-09 time, 10:15am ok every one, i did an update today from the new ad-aware program(8.1.0) and it did a big update to it self. after it finished updating i turned off my pc, waited five minutes and turned pc on, then waited a bit, connected to the net, then brought up the ad-aware 8.1.0 program and i'm happy to say that todays update fixed the bug that asked us to update to the new version when we already did it. all good now , now more pop-ups
  5. todays date (10-14-09) time is 10:48pm . the same thing has been going on with me too, i upgraded yesterday and i keep getting it, the pop-ups like every one else to upgrade to the new version , when i have already done that, even when i did another update just now , it still does it.
  6. _______________ ok,,, its been going on for some time. i un-installed it and made sure it was completly out of my pc, including my regestry. its lavasoft website thats the problem. one moment ad-aware 2007 can check for up-date and the next moment it cant. you have to click on the update button and then the webupdate button ,over ,and over ,and over, and over again until it excepts it and does it ,,,how stupid. trust me thats what it s ,,,,i dis-abled my firewall, windows firewall, antivirus and all other protection software. i still have to press the update button over, and over , and over in order for it to do what i want it to do. i have DSL and is always connected and no its not my DSL box, because i called verizon and we checked it together. but hey people dont give up ok,,,,, it takes awhile and hopefully they will have a newer version of ad-aware 2007 and fix the servers.
  7. ok,,, when i first reported this problem , i thought i had it fixed,,but now its having the same problem again,,it cant update. here is the link to my other thread,,,its now doing the same thing. so now what ?,,, we all now can only do a manual update from now on,,,the normal update is now NOT available no more ?. hope this get fixed,,, i like ad-aware
  8. __________ ok did it ,,seems to have worked,, but it still shows the old date instead of todays date,,lol,,restarted pc and still has the same date on "last up-date" the date on that says "3-7-08" instead of 3-11-08,,,,,,sorry if i sound so picky,,maybe when the new file comes out it will then show up correctly. at least the first part of what u told me to do worked. thank you so much for your help "Mistral75".
  9. i have a dell pc (dell desktop dimension 2400) 40 gig hard drive 1 gig of ram windows XP home with sp2. i have all the newest windows updates so everything is up to date. i have spybot search and distroy avg free antivirus spyware blaster comodo fire wall version 2.4 (dont have the new version,,,its said to be buggy). _______ i never had a problem with the update part of this program until yesterday on 3-10-08 it alway worked before and yes i read around this forum and dis-abled my fire wall antivirus and all my other protestion programs and same problem has showed up, cant update. so i know the problem is at your end,,,,and NOT at our end. please fix this . sooooo in the mean time can you tell us how to do a manual update step by step,,,in adaware se it was easy to do that,,but in this version (ad-aware 2007) its a bit differant and i cant figure it out, i have downloaded the definitions file and it is now sitting on my desktop in .zip format,,,so what do i do now ?. i have Ad-Aware 2007 Attempted to update definition files and it keeps failing with the error message "SSL DOWNLOAD FAILED" use Webupdate. Tried that and received the same error message. Can someone please help? Thanks