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  1. All seems fine now, after manually updating it to def file 58 it is working the way it should, might actually buy the program now
  2. Yup mine also seems fixed as well after manually putting in def 5.8 great going support team
  3. Well I dont see the fix , when I try to update, I'm using XP home totally updated, broadband, tried with Zone Alarm turned off and my AVG virus as well. Placed the core file unzipped in my all users/ app data/ ... aware 2007 folder as well in my program/ lavasoft... adaware 2007 folder still getting the SSL failure as well I deleted the adaware SE before installing with add/ remove programs in control panel Hopefully all i will need to do is reinstall a new version once it gets released My DEF files have been updates cause when i ran it the first time it said they were from JAN now they're MAR So now I guess a manual install is my only option ATM.
  4. I use a freeware program called ZipGenius that does all the unzipping and stuff for me.
  5. Well this didnt effect mine from updating properly in any way