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  1. Although all items found, which AdAware AE determines have a TAI of 3 or higher, are displayed with their original names in the scan results page (window), if ANY of them are moved to the "Ignore" list section (window), they are not listed there with their individual, original names anymore. They are just listed by what they are - e.g., "Cookie", etc. I have moved a selection of cookies over to the "Ignore" section (window) in AdAware AE because they are not threats of any kind (TAI = 0), and get re-created everytime I open my browser anyway. However now, I just have a list in the "Ignore" section that just says "Cookie", "Cookie", "Cookie", etc., and they give me no idea which one is which now, because their original names are no longer visible. Therefore, if any user of AdAware AE wants to remove any item they previously moved to the "Ignore" section for any reason in the future, they have no way of knowing what the items were originally called, so they don't have the basic information they need to know which items they are removing from the "Ignore" list. Please release updates, patches, whatever is needed so AdAware AE Free, Plus, & Pro editions display the original names of any items moved to the "Ignore" and "Quarantine" sections, when viewing them in either of those windows.