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  1. Bob, Just a sub-user here, but check the following bulletin and decide whether it applies to your case. Check out some of the Ad-Aware 2008 complaints, starting with 3/11/2009. --->
  2. {There was big trouble with updating service last March (2008). Is this a tradition? } I hope LS people learn some lessons (####### usually don't accept teaching from customers). The responders keep talking about a broken aawdef file. The REAL problem is a heavy-duty program called aawservice that is conditionally allowed to go MAD on customers' computers. Lavasoft product is not alone in allowing this. Heavy software products, like those that promise to protect you from infections, tend to be like keeping and raising a pet velociraptor in one's home. It is OK as long as everything stays under tight control, but let it loose and you had better get out of there fast. I am considering fetching down AAW AE, as soon as my feelings are assuaged. Mod.Edit/insulting speech del./Raziel
  3. Some LS sweetie locked up the other topic related to this {GRR!}. I finally succeeded in stopping this by whacking aawservice with Task Manager control panel and getting the product removed. I have yet to decide whether to just go and install the AE version and be done with it. Ta-ta! Mod.Edit/ info/Raziel The way to ask for help is... Start your own Topic
  4. I removed Ad-Aware 2008 Plus off my computer in a much more agonized decision chain. I discovered that aawservice.exe was running (and restarting itself), hogging 99% of CPU. Ironically, I blamed my main protection software product at first, because it was on automatic update and getting stuck there (not completing). It was, of course, grind between alien softwares all the time. I lost time by that mistaken identity. {dreadfully embarrassing, that! } Solving a problem by replacing a software with a new version (such as Ad-Aware AE) goes against my intuition. I don't know what else comes aboard with it. So far LS has failed to make me desire the new stuff. I guess I would switch if they threatened to remove support for the 2008 product, or if they started beta testing yet another surpassing product. No word from the capital of Swedish Melodic Death Metal yet.
  5. Me too! But I'm a payer, so I created a trouble ticket. Isn't the usual gang of helpers around, or is this some Lavasoft holiday?
  6. I just spied an amusing contradiction. ---> Post your general support issues here This forum is for General Support Issues that do not pertain to a specific Lavasoft Product ---> Pinned: General Support Issues ---> Please state clearly which product your support issue pertains to I post here because of Lavasoft Update service, and guess that it affects everyone parked for service. I want Ad-Aware Plus 2008 updates and today is positively the worst hang for updates since the legendary March 2008 hangups. It is taking hours. But- I have the hours to waste. Ta! ta! Ernie ...some time later... At long is done. Ad-Aware 2008 plus update: Current Version: 0146.0000 Last update: 1/23/2009|1:18:00 PM Authenticity verified: {green check} Now I can scan. sigh!
  7. Thanks, Godders, for trying to make sense of the updates. I am unsure whether my experiences really match your speculations. But I think I should stop adding to this thread and make a new thread whenever anything else interesting occurs with my AAW updates. Thanks again! Ernie
  8. I wasn't disappointed - 2009/01/21 Lavasoft Update Manager /public/aaw2008/antivir3vdf 1 of 1 100% Download finished Component installation started Update dependency installed Component installation finished Installation finished Definitions Status: Current version: 0145.0001 Last update: 1/21/2009 whoopie!!
  9. Hi Godders, Of course that is what "update dependency failed" means; my only question is why that happens as frequently as it does (maybe twice or so times per month). My first one happened about May 2008 and I got upset. But after a while (and some repeats with self-resolution) I began to relax over it. Is it an office goofup? Well, such things happen. Since this never prevents running scans, I just assume I am getting "good enough" protection. The problem resolves in the next one or two update runs (so far). I am not paying for Ad-Aware Plus because I am some kind of professional, but rather to buy myself some rights to chronic complaining (it looks like that was un-necessary ). I know how to report troubles to the gnomes of Gothenburg, but you online guys are a whole lot more fun to talk to. I like Lavasoft and Uniblue best of all protector software companies, because they host discussion fora and foster a sense of community. Uniblue's forum isn't very active, but they have that wonderful Windows process definition database. Other companies just want your money and won't treat you so well . Ernie
  10. Just a bit more- today 2009/01/19 - Lavasoft Update Manager /pubic/aaw2008/antivir3vdf 1 of 1 100% Download finished Update dependency failed Component installation started Component installation finished Installation finished Current version: 0145.0000 Last Update: 1/19/2009 | 11:45:00 AM Authenticity verified: {green CHECK} This is turning into a bad habit, BUT I shall wait patiently. The version number did rise.
  11. Thank you. That is straight and easy to understand. Ernie
  12. OK. I found the blog entry about this (too late for my embarrasement) . Thx to notice by Jane. S Andy on 2008/11/20 -----> So, 0143.0005 (for example) would have meant incremental update toward a full update past 0143. OK? Now, all I need to figure out is: what constitutes an UPDATE? Today, there was a fussy update. I didn't capture all the messages, but the word "installation" was prominent. The end result is that the update version is STILL just 0144.0000. Oh, well!!
  13. from a Lavasoft FAQ --- "" Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008: How do I remove detected objects after a scan? After a scan is finished you get the 'Scan Results' screen, where detected objects are separated into critical objects and privacy objects. The total number of critical objects and privacy objects detected during the scan are listed at the top of each tab. In the 'Critical Objects' tab you can either select each object individually by checking the box beside it, or use the selection options in the context menu. For each selected critical object, you can choose to: * Add to Ignore: Add the object to the Ignore List; keep the item on your system and make sure it is not detected in future scans. * Quarantine: Add the object to the Quarantine; isolate and back-up the object in quarantine, where it does not pose a threat to your system. * Remove: Delete the object from your system. Privacy objects: Go to the 'Privacy Objects' tab. You can either select each object individually by checking the box beside it, or use the selection options in the context menu. For each detected privacy object, you can choose to: * Add to Ignore: Add the object to the Ignore List; keep the item on your system and make sure it is not detected in future scans. * Remove: Delete the object from your system. Finally, click 'Finish' to get to the 'Scan summary' screen. "" ------ If cookies and most-recently-used registry values are such harmless non-entities, why does the scanner even bother with them at all? {I always whack these objects away as a matter of pure habit.} Ernie
  14. Ad-Aware 2008: you-all finally made it past software update version 0143. Ha! Ha! What was it all about? Ernie
  15. Whenever I get dependency failures, I just hold my breath for two days and try again. Ernie