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  1. Thanks Chris - the same happens here too! Kim
  2. The problem is, the error comes up BEFORE the point where there are options... Casey - this happens right after the language selection is made - about 10 seconds into the install.
  3. I thought so too, but I downloaded it ok with Vista Ultimate SP1 on one computer and keep getting this error on another running the same Vista?? I'm thinking maybe a program compatibility somwhere? I'm going to try Casey's suggestion and let you know. Sorry Casey - didn't mean to offend anyone!
  4. OK, we have established everyone has the same problem.........so how can we fix it? There is nothing to "uninstall". I have tried running it from the download, saved it to the desktop, saved it to a memory stick from another computer, and nothing works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  5. Well, the newbie had the right plan! Check users as yourself and it downloads like a dream... all that gook in the services.msc???? Ah, not so much!!!