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  1. Wow just when I thought Adaware had fixed the problem todays release of defenitions seems to have made Adaware not sure if it's updated as when you check for updates all I get is the updating box stall for some time then Adaware goes off screen as about to update but doesn't come back again! When re-launching Adaware and again checking for updates it doesn't say up to date it just goes into close mode and doesn't come back up again? Now there are no send a fault to Adaware boxes so what now Adaware staff? What's wrong with 8.2.0? For the first week of launch this product it has been nothing but trouble what was Adaware thinking? What fix will Adaware do now?
  2. Like many other's I downloaded as prompted the new Adaware 8.2.0 and I wish I hadn't as like with others I cannot run a scan and I get a crash every time I try? Now that was yesterday and although there were new definitions it has made no difference and I still am unable to scan, my question is that as this is now 2 days of no adaware where are the Adaware support? Why have we had no help from Adaware? Why have they not even made the effort to put up a splash screen to tell people of this issue? Therefore I think it wise to look for a product where you get support and unlike Adaware, shame on you Adaware
  3. Please can anyone out there help me with this one? I have file 61.0000 and I click to check for updates where it tells me a file is available? I click to update and when updated I do not have the new file 62.0000 so again I check and it says update available? I follow the same as before and it says update done yet still no new file, so why will Adaware not update? The recent problems are really putting me off using this product does anyone else have the same issue and more important is there a fix? Please help, starting to get very frustrated with Adaware? Regards TheBusDriver