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  1. [quote name='Whateveruwant' post='120567' date='Jun 28 2010, 03:00 AM']I've been complaining about the same matter of not finding any tracking cookies when I know they are there. It seems Lavasoft is ignoring this problem, as I've repeatedly brought this up previously. Nothing seems to being done to correct this. Wake up LS![/quote] Hooray! Tracking cookies problem fixed in software update 8.2.6. Thank you Lavasoft. Ad-Aware just detected 262 tracking cookies after a long absence. News: 8.2.6 Update to Ad-Aware Software update 8.2.6 was released today. June 29, 2010 It includes: A fix for a bug affecting detection of cookies When scanning for cookies, the bug caused the cookie scanner to stop before looking through all locations where cookies are stored. The bug affected only cookie detection, and it only occurred on some systems.
  2. [quote name='alstaxi' post='120559' date='Jun 28 2010, 12:38 AM']My ad aware has suddenly stopped finding tracking cookies as well, what is up??? I know they are there, why cant it find them?[/quote] I've been complaining about the same matter of not finding any tracking cookies when I know they are there. It seems Lavasoft is ignoring this problem, as I've repeatedly brought this up previously. Nothing seems to being done to correct this. Wake up LS!
  3. Why doesn't Ad-Aware 8.2.5 detect any tracking cookies?
  4. Strange, I updated to version 8.2.5, ran a full-scan, and found three (3) malware files, however, there was still no Tracking Cookies. What's going on?
  5. If Ad-Aware version 8.2.4 does not detect Tracking Cookies (which I'm sure I have), how do I know if it will detect malware and spyware? I should have left version 8.2.2 installed before I realized that the update server problem ("connection error") was a Lavasoft problem. At least Tracking Cookies were detected then.
  6. Ditto to all above statements. Version 8.2.4 does not detect Tracking Cookies. After unistalling previous version 8.2.2 and installing 8.2.4, cookies not shown. What does LS have to say about this, if you're listening?
  7. [quote name='visitor' post='120073' date='Jun 7 2010, 08:12 PM']FYI, the checklist under settings are for Profile scans, not Smart and Full scans which have preset areas to check. Other users have brought this up with prior versions, I believe starting with 8.1. Cookies have a low TAI threat level - they're not really malware like a virus or trojan since they're just text files. It could be that Ad-Aware only deletes those that are known to be spyware/tracking so that it doesn't delete harmless ones like those that store message board login info. If you're concerned with cookies, the best thing to do is configure your browser to reject 3rd party cookies and take the time to blacklist any unwanted ones which do show up. Also, Ad-Aware has the TrackSweep tool which will delete all cookies from IE and Firefox (supposedly Opera too, but not sure if they fixed the bug with version 10). Lastly, you can install programs such as Spybot and SpywareBlaster which disallow long lists of cookies. With security, it's always better to block things from the get-go than to clean them up afterwards [/quote] If you select Advanced Mode, and click the Scan button, you will see the Files scanned list for Smart Mode and Full Mode already checked. Tracking Cookies should be scanned since they are on the preselected list. You are misinformed.
  8. [quote name='thealbturkey' post='120061' date='Jun 7 2010, 02:55 PM']I downloaded the update on Friday and ever since then Lavasoft tells me it found nothing with either a quick or total scan. I updated today, Monday, again with the same results. I know that at least some cookies were deposited in my computer. Previously, depending on which sights I visited, I have always had a few cookies. Lavasoft is my preferred filter but I don't feel it is that good. No offense. I am disabled and no longer work and use the internet as my main source of communication. Does anyone else have this problem? I'd sure hate to have my comunication compromised![/quote] The same thing happened to me. After I reinstalled Ad-Aware 8.2.4, and ran a scan, I did not see any cookies listed in the files to scan, although "Tracking Cookies" were checked on the list to scan. I usually have tracking cookies found in a scan. This happened after the time I checked for updates and was told I have a "connection error - check your settings", that's when I reinstalled Ad-Aware to version 8.2.4. I hope Lavasoft is aware of this problem. Maybe, if enough people report it, they'll do something.
  9. [quote name='visitor' post='116219' date='Feb 3 2010, 11:47 PM']Now that there's a trend, I've informed Lavasoft there's a problem with AE definition updates.[/quote] Thanks Visitor, for informing Lavasoft for me. It's so annoying when new updates are posted, and when I attempt to download them, Update Manager says, "software is already up-to-date".
  10. I am having problems updating to the lastest Definitions Files. My Ad-Aware software screen shows that my last update was 0149.0140, but when I try to update to the latest files, 0149.0141, 0149.0142, 0149.0143, 0149.0144, 0149.0145, the Update Manager says "Software is already up-to-date", without even downloading the new files, and it still shows my last update was 0149.0140. This problem started in the last week. My Ad-Aware version is: 8.0.8. Would updating to the latest version of Ad-Aware do any good? Does anyone else have this problem?
  11. I also observed the same incident where after updating it says "reinitializng," then the window closes and where it used to reopen automatically, it doesn't anymore. The only difference is, when I open Adaware from the desktop, it shows the correct update number. So far, no explanation ftom the LS Team.
  12. I just attempted to update my Definitions File to 0063.0000, and recevied an error message, "Update SSL download failed." I re-ran Web Update, but still got that message. After the above attempts, I shutdown Ad-Aware 2007, and then relaunched it. This time web update downloaded and completed. It even showed that I have Definition File 0063.0000. Why doesn't it work the first time?
  13. How do I edit my post. I don't see an Edit button anywhere? Sorry! I found it. I didn't know I could only edit the Post I started. Live and learn.
  14. jcimarron - I had the same problem trying to update to Definition File 0062.0000. It kept saying "update complete" but when I checked, it still showed 0061.0000. After the third time, I reinstalled Ad-Aware 2007, and checked for Web Updates. Finally, it did update to 0062.0000. I'm waiting to see what happens when Definition File 0063.0000 comes out.