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  1. Thanks Visitor I kind of gave up yesterday and went and put a new copy of Windows on my drive. It looks like it went more smoothly than normal THIS TIME. jom
  2. Thanks I'll give the first link a try. However, since Hijack is one of the programs that crash once started how do I get a log file from it? Let me try the first link though... edit: OK, I've uninstalled and installed Ad-aware a couple of times and that did not work. I also checked the service and it IS set to "Automatic" (it always has been) however the status is BLANK not "started". Something seems to be keeping this particular service from starting. I said I try to start Hijack and when I do it does it's thing for about a second then just stops....very similar to Ad-aware. So if I don't uninstall/reinstall Hijack I get "windows can't access specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them" edit again: Sorry...I forgot to mention: I can't start the Lavasoft service as it gives me an "error 5" error. "Could not start the Ad-aware service on local computer. Error 5: access denied" Thanks jom
  3. Hello I think I got hit with the msa.exe virus and now all my anti-virus tools will not run, including Ad-aware. Spybot, Hijackthis and avast! all have service-like issues. They start then after a few seconds the program just quits. With Ad-aware is takes about 3 sec after you start a scan. I've tried to uninstall all of these programs and the same thing happens: the program starts up once, crashes then you can start it again even after reboot. What gives? Thanks for any help you can give. jom
  4. Microsoft's "Data Execution Prevention" is killing my Ad-aware program. Once I start using the program after about a minute I get a pop-up that tells me the DEP closed the program "To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program". I then get the "Ad-Aware.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry..etc etc". This doesn't seem to be an official way to quit a program. I go into the DEP section of the Performance Options (System Control Panel) and all of the DEP choices are grayed out...kind of like it isn't meant to be used. Odd. This only started happening a few days ago...or at least the first time I've noticed it. Any ideas? jom