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  1. I like the new AE very much But If I could wish something it should be a faster scan though.
  2. I don´t have any "General Settings" headline in my Ad-aware 2008 plus version!?!
  3. This issue is not fixed in!
  4. Well I Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007 plus in “Add or Remove Programs†and then installed the new Ad-Aware 2008 plus. I got the same problem in 2007 plus and SP2 but never in Ad-Aware SE! Maybe "Boot" is the wrong word. It´s scanning/checking the A drive ( I don´t have a diskette there) before the program even opens.
  5. Every time I start my Ad-Aware 2008 plus it boot in diskette drive A!? How can I get rid of that? Win XP pro and SP3
  6. After update to 0085.0000 my Ad-Aware 2008 plus still says 0084.0000!? *Should be Update in the topic* I´m using Windows XP pro,SP3 and ad-aware 2008 plus.
  7. Can I Upgrade to Ad-Aware 2008 plus from my 2007 plus? I can´t find the new version among the choses?