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  1. With Vista, there were over 128 hotfixes in the service package from broken controls in Vista's initial release.. in Vista 64 bit the full service package is a 734 Mb download.. and has almost 200 hotfixes and reworked components.. since the release of the service package, there have been 6 hotfixes put out on the hotfix page at the Vista home site that are not part of the Automatic Updates.. now if Ad-Aware 2007 /2008 is being developed for Vista 64 OOB, then the service package may break it.. if Ad-Aware 2007 / 2008 is being designed for Vista SP 1 64 bit, then people who don't upgrade to Vista Service Pack 1 may experience problems because the software is missing almost 200 Hotfixes for Windows primary controls, including software instillation and memory leaks and unrecognized memory that may be installed on the system.. any of these will effect how Ad-Aware works.. Also, if Ad-Aware does not have Administrator control when operating, it will be unable to remove files from the Program Files (x86) folder as well as the Windows directory.. People can run it as administrator, but even then it may not have full control inless it ties directly into Vista's Security Center AND it has Microsoft's Digital Certification and Vista time stamping incorporated into the EXE's engine... this is a problem we ran into making service packs for the Starfleet Command Games... the entire package has to be built 2 times for Vista.. 1 for non SP 1 and 1 for SP 1 so that it will work correctly on both systems due to the service package hotfixes.. the other thing we have to circumvent is the security in Vista when the User Account Control is enabled.. with UAC off, there is no security issue or problems with software working as intended (with exception of a few programs like Ad-Aware 2007 and Dominion Wars), but with UAC turned on.. there is a high chance that Ad-Aware will recognize a problem file in Vista, but will be unable to remove it because the security levels may not be properly enabled.. the security levels will have to be Full for Admin, Full for User and Full for system for it to be able to remove files, and even then the Windows directory has another level of security.. DEP Data Execution Prevention is another service that Ad-Aware 2007 /2008 will need to overcome in order to change or remove files in the Windows Directory... Spybot S&D has Microsoft's Digital Tag which allows it to integrate into the Security Center of Vista and gives it full access to all directories.. However Spybot S&D was not able to work correctly in Vista 64 bit systems with SP 1 not installed.. it was forced to abandon removal of files and invalid registry entries, thus only removing about 75% of items it found.. in Vista SP 1, S&D works correctly under the same build of the program.. It is broken in non SP 1 Vista 64 systems.. works perfectly in Vista 64 SP 1 systems.. That is why I brought up the question of which Vista 64 version it is being designed for.. SP 1 or non SP 1 or both..
  2. If you notice, the statement does not say which 64 bit OS they are going to support. I am wondering if it is going to be Vista, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, or Server XP. Next I am wondering if the new Lavasoft is going to work on the new service packs or old.. such as Server 2003 SP 1 or SP 2, XP SP 2 or Sp 3, or Vista Stock or Vista SP 1... none of this information is being given, so just saying 64 bit support means nothing at this point in time.