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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='123258' date='Oct 17 2010, 06:14 AM']When downloading the updated definitions for Ad-Aware, did you use the GUI or the Lavasoft website? I don't think using the GUI would have caused so many problems, so maybe you tried downloading from a rogue website? You could try a cleanup by reading the instructions in my signature for posting in the HijackThis forum where somebody can help you diagnose and remove malware, but that might take more than a day.[/quote] Thanks for getting back, Visitor. I clicked on the desktop shortcut that brought up the control screen for AdAware and I clicked the update button. So, wherever that took me, which I thought was Lavasoft. The major problem I'm having is that I can't even connect to the internet now, can't install or uninstall. I hate to have to reinstall Windows and all the software. But, just repeating myself. It's amazing how whatever is doing this operates. For example, in msconfig, changing from normal startup to diagnostic then blocked me from returning to normal. You just keep losing privileges as you go along. So if downloading and installing anything is required in the usual way, I guess I'm out of luck. I was hoping someone had seen this behavior before. I'll read your suggestion. Please get back if you have any other ideas. Thanks, again.
  2. Running WinXP Home SP3 on old Dell Dimension 4500 Pentium 4 with 1024 ram (topped out). Have AdAware 2008 free version. Hadn't used this software in a long time. All windows downloads up to date. Running Norton Internet Security 2010 up to date. Saw "waiting for about.blank" while surfing net with IE7.0 and waiting for a webpage to open. Decided to use AdAware to see if I could get rid of about.blank. Tried to download updated definitions. Many windows popped up during download. Can't remember them all. Not a normal download. Now, after hours of trying to get this system working with no success, I will have to reload my OS most likely. Problems: Did a safe mode Norton search for about 24 hours and found nothing. Msconfig will not allow me to do much of anything. I am sole user of this computer and the admin. Once I changed an entry in msconfig, such as going from normal start to diagnostic, I cannot return to normal start. It gives Access Denied-need admin designation. I cannot uninstall AdAware as going through Control Panel-Remove or Change-gives Access Denied window after attempting to make changes. I can no longer access the internet. I've gone into the Registry and tried to be sure I am listed as admin in all categories. I have created a new identity with admin privileges. I have been able to send My Documents to my Zip Drive and CDRW OK. I know, Zips are history, but it works. In MSCONFIG, I am unable to disable the services. Once I make any change, I am now unable to go back to original settings without adminstrator authority--but I am the admin. Something has taken total control. I cannot now run Norton to check it. I've done a system restore to no improvement. System shows that aawservice.exe is using 99-100% of the my cpu resources. Also in the registry there is an unknown identity with this: S-1-5-32-547. What does this mean? Is there anyway to save the computer or must I reinstall WindowsXP and all software? It will take all day!!
  3. This is the same error window I am receiving, but there are no critical objects found, only privacy objects. Like others have said, when AdAware 2007 first came out, there was no problem removing items. It seems to me that either a change was written into AdAware via definitions, or perhaps WinXP security updates, or perhaps something in Norton (does everyone with this problem use Norton? I do). At any rate, I hope the administrators will not simply keep repeating the instructions to restart and rescan and all will be well. Most of us just don't have the time or patience to do this. It seems unnecessary and no other software I'm using requires a restart every time I use it. So, if Calamity Jane and others will please work on this, those of us who have used this software troublefree and costfree for years will be most appreciative. I stopped using Spybot S&D when PC World said it was basically subpar whereas it used to be great. AdAware has always been great until now. I don't mean to bite the hand that protects me, but I think it would be nice to have a more expanded explanation of the problem and some reassurance that the designers are aware of these issues. If you do not feel this is an error, but a design feature, then change the way the message is worded. That might ease the tension. Thanks in advance and please don't ban me.
  4. I have to admit that I'm becoming disillusioned with this software. You shouldn't have to restart your computer to see if the software has actually removed items that it has found but then gives you an error about. There are either some settings I need to change or I need help figuring out the conflict. Apparently, I'm not the only one with problems like this, so it can't just be my computer. The AdAware software before 2007 had worked like a charm until now. Tonight I downloaded new definitions and was excited because it looked like it was removing items OK and when it reached 16 items remaining it ground to a halt and sent me the error message. If there weren't a problem, then why would there be an error message at all?
  5. Gee, I just posted almost the exact same question a few hours ago. I never had this problem with AdAware SE and never had to reboot. What is the problem with the new version?
  6. Having used AdAware SE successfully for several years, I was pretty impressed when I downloaded AdAware 2007. But, it wasn't long before I started getting an error pop up during the removal process of cookies and other items. I use Norton Internet Security also with my WinXP system. It never finds any virus. Never had any conflicts with Norton AntiVirus stand alone and AdAware SE . So, don't know what to do or where the problem is. The AdAware will find anywhere from 40-90 cookies and privacy objects during a full system scan. Today I scanned and found 54 objects, but the program stopped removing them at 46. The error says the others will be removed upon restarting. Then, when I click Finish, I get another window telling me there are unhandled objects and asking yes/no if I still want to Finish. Never had to restart before to get rid of things. I update the definitions at least once a week. Please advise.