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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='119163' date='Apr 21 2010, 05:12 PM']You can try Revo Free Uninstaller (revouninstaller.com). Set it on the highest setting and let it clean remnants afterwards.[/quote] Thanks! I'll try it. I've already got CCleaner, which is good but hasn't done the job with this uninstall. tampi
  2. I have free Ad-Aware 2008 V 0085/2008 and Ad-Aware SE Personal that won't uninstall. I get this message: "Could not open uninstall. Log file" My OS is Winxp sp3, IE7 I would love some help on this please. I know that there is no support now for this soft ware, but I am hoping some one might assist me any way please. Thanks tampi
  3. Hi! I tried to download the new version of Lavasoft, because I still have the old one on my computer, but when it tries to install, I get the message: "invalid file; C:\documents and settings\workventures\local settings\temp internet files\content.IE5\9FX1KPB7\ aa7[1].exe is not a valid Win32 aplication." I have winxp with IE7. Is there some way I can get around this please? Thanks!