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  1. Thanks for reply. I have turned off windows firewall, my antivirus and other anti-spyware protections and tried updating. The problem persists. Anything I'm missing?
  2. The Backup Definitions File Option was already X'ed. And the problem still occurs. I also tried the option on "check mark" but the problem still occurs at that time. If you need any information about my Ad-aware settings or whatever that may be causing this, I'll be happy to comply.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. However, the same exact problem still exists with the version that I downloaded from the link.
  4. I have Adaware 2007 version Last successful update --> 3/20/2008 (10:40pm) When I select update now, it gives me the message: Update SSL Download Failed Suggested Action Run Webupdate But if I run Web Update from the left column, the same pop up appears. Can anyone help, please?