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  1. Thanks Casey - he is logging in with the original email address, but it says that this is being used on another computer. Of course it's not on another computer, but just on the old hard drive. However - good news. He has now managed to contact Lavasoft direct by phone, and they are sorting it out. So I think this post is resolved - thanks again. [quote name='casey_boy' post='116035' date='Feb 1 2010, 05:24 PM']Hi, He does indeed need to log into the support center to reset his license. To do this, he needs to log in with the original email address which is associated with the old license. If he cannot find his old email address let me know and I'll contact Lavasoft on his behalf. Casey[/quote]
  2. A friend of mine has had to replace his hard drive, and now when trying to re-install AdAware AE (paid for version) the registration process refuses to accept his email address -saying it's in use on another computer. Here is the problem as he sees it: Quote: I run Windows XP. I recently had to have my PC reformatted and a new hard drive fitted. A number of downloaded programs I had before this happened were deleted during this process. I managed to save the paperwork relating to these downloads, along with all the necessary receipts and licence codes, but when I tried to log in to Ad-Aware to re-install my Ad-Aware Plus Anniversary Edition, it told me that my email address was invalid as another computer is already using it! After looking at their FAQ, none of which helped, I then tried to access their Help section, but to do this, one has to log in first and they won't let me do that. I eventually sent them an email telling them about the problem and asking for their help. They replied telling me to look at their FAQ! End of quote So he knows that he has to reset the fingerprint, but no matter where he looks he is directed to Lavasoft Support - which then rejects his email address when signing in. Please what can he do?