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  1. can someone help me out, i cant uninstall the previous version and i want to install ad aware 2007....thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, I need some help as i really got confused and angry on the ad aware personal coz no matter what i just cant uninstall it and i get the message saying cant find install.log file and i have follow the faq section to guide us how to uninstall but none of them worked at all and i was also following a guide on a post which i lost the link that told us to download the ad aware personal from filehippho and try to uninstall from there but now the problem is after i done that, i got 2 ad aware personal installed and on the start menu, only one of the ad aware has this uninstall option but it just says this action is only valid for products currently installed and i got angry since i got 2 of them installed, the last resort i went into the registry and delete the whole lavasoft folder, guess what to my surprise the two ad aware is still there....i even downloaded the micu from microsoft to remove the adware but guess what, nothing works....can someone tell me how to get rid of this software on my pc....
  3. Hi there, I have an issue with my ad aware as im using an previous version adaware personal and when i tried to uninstall it, it says cant find install.log and i just could not locate the file anywhere and when i uninstll ad aware 2007, it says the same message but i still manage to uninstall it so now the problem lies with the personal version, any idea how to slove this??