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  1. [quote name='cootmaster' timestamp='1333551152' post='134129'] ya i dont need vipre btw deano i hear about vipre on hsn w computers constantly like oh its sooo good u never need subscribe again blaaaa how good is it REALLY [/quote] dont understand what your talking bout?
  2. [quote name='cootmaster' timestamp='1333549715' post='134127'] that v answered my question no thx to 10 bye bye [/quote] Well I now had to install AVG on that computer as i didn't have the disc for Symantec Anti Virus which btw was a 2006 version besides only started using adaware for the spyware component now most anti virus have em so adaware anti virus+ is a no go for me until i see anti virus benchmarks with adaware then i go with it Lavasoft I wish you hadn't included Anti Virus into your suite then i would of continued using it
  3. Hi There, Version 10 stuffed up my Symantec Anti Virus for example asking for disc for like everything i clicked on in the main screen so had to uninstall Version 10 and then run system restore to get it working again. Got a Comp with AVG so I'm not gonna try it on that either cause i got a conflict warning like i did for Symantec Anti Virus Really Only Used AdAware for Spyware in the first place not so much for anti virus
  4. Hi there, I just did a re install of Ad-Aware 8.3.2 to see if this problem would go away but it hasn't every time after applying new virus definitions and defintion builds and restarting Ad-Aware I get the Send Error Report to Lavasoft Message which I click yes to of course I didn't get any Send Error Report to Lavasoft in 8.3.1 why now?
  5. After Installing 8.3.2 I get the Send Error Report Message to Lavasoft once it starts reintializing Adaware message comes up so i click yes to send error report. Why am i recieve it after the reintializing components ?
  6. Hi there, just updating my adaware it downloaded the latest definition build and virus definitions but once it came to updating the program to 8.3.2 i said connection error check your settings once it started downloading the program file updates it download them then before apply them it said that error
  7. In the Adwatch Live! Tab I'm able to click registry and network tabs but on another computer with the Free version It doesn't let me click them as they are greyed out and not able to be clicked how could it work for one and not the other is wierd. I thought this would of been fixed in version 8.3.1 update but it hasn't been It's really annoying as i get pop-ups from Adaware bout it It says it off but when i click it says Unlock this Feature with Pro Regards Deano [img]http://i37.tinypic.com/2mgmqea.jpg[/img]
  8. Do you know what this update (CSC39-EN-6499-6500-I.sbr.sgn) is for? [quote name='visitor' post='120737' date='Jul 7 2010, 02:02 PM']That's an anti-virus engine update. The English translations should be a file called en.xml located in C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Toolbox\AutoStart Manager\translations (or something similar, since I'm using an old version of Ad-Aware AE on XP).[/quote]
  9. Reinstalled Adaware 8.3 now and Adaware Update Manager works fine and shows the correct version number but from the screenshot above it did actually happen why?
  10. I just downloaded the Manual Definitions from the link provided in Current Definitions File Topic and extracted the file to * C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs for Windows XP then when i went to reopen the Adaware 8.3 Window it says 149.0320 but i don't have Adaware 8.2 instead i have Adaware 8.3 it read 150.005? [img]http://i25.tinypic.com/qpnd00.jpg[/img]
  11. I'll let you know if it freezes again when i run adaware update manager once a new definition file is released i.e. 150.6 which will be the next one as 150.5 was released 3 hrs ago to now I've had no issues updating with the one new version until now after installing 150.3 which i installed last night
  12. [quote name='LS Anders' post='120871' date='Jul 9 2010, 04:42 PM']Hello You got several options. Either you can choose to put the file on ignore or you can quarantine it. If you choose to remove it uninstalling SETTEC might be a better option. Regards LS Anders[/quote] [quote name=''Symantec'']This risk can be removed by installing a new version of the software, which does not use rootkit techniques and fixes the security issues caused of the previous version. This is available from the following Web site: [url="http://uninstall.settec.com/eng"]http://uninstall.settec.com/eng[/url] Note: The risk can also be removed by running an uninstaller, which is also available from the above Web site.[/quote] Clicked the link to website actually clicked the uninstall option as i didn't know if adaware would pick it up if it was updated i then went into the system32 folder and file has now gone If the file happens to return i know what to do
  13. Mine wont update to 150.4 from 150.3 it just sits there and does nothing??
  14. So what are my options now considering you found out what is??? cause it is extremely annoying because i always close adaware down now
  15. Hi, Attachment is uploaded and 'm pretty sure I've uploaded it correctly and done the correct procedures but I'm not 100% sure. Regards Deano