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  1. OK. Thanks for that. I've now registered a Support Team account and sent off my question to them. Thanks again for your help.
  2. I just tried the Support Team page and it won't accept the same e-mail & password I use here. Is that normal? I had an issue getting a forgotten password re-issued for here. If I get one re-issued for there as well, is that going to queer the password I've acquired for here?
  3. Thanks casey boy. I didn't contact the support team ... yet. Not sure how. Do I have to register for that separately? I'm willing to try your suggestion. And Transcendental Meditation ... ANYTHING!
  4. I'm going spare!! I have over 6 months of paid up time left on my Ad-Aware application and seem unlikely to get any satisfaction at the present rate. I have wasted some 4 to 5 months' worth already. I updated / upgraded to AA Pro 2008 and that seemed to work OK until the popups arrived inviting upgrade to Anniversary Edition. I didn't take advantage of it because about that time I also started getting the error: [quote]system error 1814 has occurred; description: could not login to service; are you running this application as another user; application terminates.[/quote] The error notice itself was enough to freeze my computer. It took fiendish hammering on Windows Task Manager to get rid of the pesky thing and left my computer as slow as Virtual Memory unless I re-booted. I did download & save the installation package for the Anniversary Edition manually from Lavasoft, but then found that it too was 'corrupt'. Trust me, since then I have scoured the internet, including this site for solutions and tried every one of them without success. I gave up in disgust. Recently I had a complete reinstall of Windows done and in the process of reinstating numerous other programs decided to dust off Ad-Aware again and try to salvage some of my paid-up time. It took a few installs & uninstalls before AA would even admit that I have a valid current license. So far so good. But no longer any popups inviting upgrade to AE. And once I had followed up by downloading current updates the 1814 error Returned. So I downloaded & saved the AE Zip and tried replacing the (I now know to be) inherently corrupt original core.aawdef file with it as instructed, without success. This time around I have struggled with this glitch through several clean reinstalls over 3 days, coming at the problem from every ingenious angle I can dream up. Still no joy. It's rapidly approaching a point where all this strife rivals the very malware that AA is supposed to prevent! As an aside I am not overly impressed with the 1814 error notice itself either. "are you running this application as another user;" Why on Earth would I?? Heaven forbid that there might be something wrong with the software itself as supplied! It sounds like a throwback to the worst of the Microsoft culture, always smugly blaming the user. And to add further insult the user interface is then snatched away, "application terminates", preventing any sensible attempt at investigation! Anyhow, I am running: [b]XP, service Pack 3[/b] And had been running [b]Ad-Aware Pro 2008 / Ad-Watch[/b] Before anyone rolls their eyes and guffaws at the superseded AA version cited, that's as far as I could get by faithfully upgrading until I hit the brick wall described above! Since then I have wasted some 100 days of paid-up 'use' already, and at this writing have 192 days still to go. I would be quite content to leapfrog over all this nonsense and accept a 'cold-turkey' download of a suitable AA Pro 8 or whatever, if it would get me back into protection without wasting more money. Can anyone help, please?
  5. I've presented the link in alternative forms without TinyURL. Hope this is acceptable. (now deleted) As you were. I've caught on to what you meant. thx.
  6. I have recently renewed my licenced Ad-Aware 2008 Plus (, with Ad-Watch. Since then two websites I regularly visit malfunction. I have already raised the matter with one of the sites. To save duplication here I'm happy to provide the link to that discussion, which is self-explanatory: hffp://tinyurl.com/3mpvu2 Since that discussion, apparent improvement now seems to have reverted to malfunction. On the site "BCVoice" the appearance is again stuck in 'Lo-Fi Version' as shown. The inset is from the Error Console of my browser Mozilla FireFox (click to enlarge) In the case of the phpBB 'BloodyMary' site banners at the top of the page are replaced by text (top left) and a place-marker (top). These anomalies in both sites only manifest while my latest Ad-Aware renewal is installed. They recover when I uninstall it. A couple of observations: 1. The 'BCVoice' site is 'powered by Invision Power Board' just like this Lavasoft Support site. Yet I do not suffer the described display anomalies here! NOR do I suffer those anomalies on InVision's own Support site. It seems to be confined to 'BCVoice' itself. 2. In the case of the phpBB 'BloodyMary' site, features adversely affected by Ad-Aware seem to be ones not pre-established in the site CSS file I edited long ago (ie, only images hosted since then by ImageShack are now affected). A definite connection seems to exist between installation of my Ad-Aware 2008 Plus and malfunction of those sites. I need to know how I can overcome this, and whether it could simply be a setting somewhere in Ad-Aware that I might need to alter. Or in Mozilla FireFox. Or could there be some Ad-Aware plugin that I need to get? Also, the FireFox Error Console insets display technical comment that someone more computer savvy than me might comprehend. Mod.Edit/Link munged for safety/Raziel
  7. Thank you very much, casey_boy. I appreciate your effort to help too. As you will both see above, I've now got it sorted. A case of 'barking up the wrong tree' (with the help of some instructional wording that I now consider LS could improve), as explained.
  8. Thank you SpySentinel for your timely reply. In the meantime it's been solved. Sorry about the fuss. It turns out that the e-mail I received Confirming my Order was not the last e-mail I should have expected. It was followed up some 12 hours later by this (in part): So what went wrong? I now put it down to ambiguity and expectation. 1. I was given no reason to expect that the first e-mail was to be followed up by another. Not a thing in its wording alerts one to expect that. 2. It contained both my order number and password, along with instructions on where and how to use them ... all that seemed to be needed (but which didn't work). 3. The second (unexpected) e-mail 12 hours later supplied the same info again ... but this time the fabled "Begin Download" button magically appeared. In crucial areas the second e-mail's instructions duplicated those in the first e-mail redundantly (or vice-versa). The solution to this seems to be for whoever drafts Lavasoft's e-mail instructions to reconsider the way those instructions are delivered. I can't be the only one who has spent a harrowing day over this.
  9. I have been jerked around for HOURS but I'll spare most of the details. I found out today that my AA 2007 licence had expired. I promptly purchased on-line from Lavasoft the Ad-Aware 2008 Plus product for 2 years at $45.11AUD and received my Lavasoft AB – Order confirmation e-mail. I quote it (in part): (to which he replies through gritted teeth): WHAT "Begin Download button" ??? I have turned Lavasoft's site inside out looking for ANYthing that even remotely resembles a "Begin Download button". Anywhere. ZILCH! There is provision for me to 'Log in' on one of the pages but I don't even know if that would have helped me because I used the login details provided in my Order Confirmation e-mail there and got only error messages. I'll save well-meaning persons the trouble of enquiring ... yes I have checked (both) my browsers for proper function. Yes I have checked my security settings. I had a similar run-around on previous occasions with Lavasoft's site but this is even worse. Can someone PLEASE put me out of my misery and just point me to a link where I can legitimately download the product I have paid for, so I can then register it?
  10. Some time ago I was notified to upgrade my Ad-Aware SE Pro to Ad-Aware 2007 on my existing licence. I did that ... so I thought. However I have not seen any change to the SE Pro user interface, so perhaps my upgrade did not 'take'? Core application is still described as 1.06r1 Professional. Updates continued to arrive as normal, until the last one which was on 02/04/2008 ... 24 days ago at this writing. Now when I try to update the reference files the retrieval progress meter stops at 5% every time, "Error retrieving update", and update status remains at 24 days out of date. I've looked at the Updates forum here and the data there are not in a form that I can manually feed to my Ad-Aware program. I've found my way to my licence info here and it confirms: When I select "Download Software" it keeps looping me back to Login (which I'd already done). All I want to do is update my security but am not having any success. I have at my fingertips all the data from when I upgraded to 2007, (ID Reference NO, Registration key NO, and confirmation that my Ad-Aware 2007 Professional expires September 12th, 2008). I seem to have been funneled into a dead-end. How do I break this impasse?