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  1. Well I'm back after having to do a full reinstall after my comp got infected with that Virtumonde infection or however it is spelled. So this is going to be a REAL clean install of Ad-aware 2007. Only thing I have is Norton Internet Security. Wish me luck!! Dep
  2. Okay...I am downloading Spybot and installing again and then installing and removing immunizaations. I'm not one to argue just for the sake of arguing Hope you are right!!!!! Dep
  3. I removed Spybot with the uninstall feature. All Spybot folders were deleted. I used Eusing Registry Cleaner and removed all traces of Spybot from the registry. I have Explorer set to show hidden files. NOWHERE do I see any traces of Spybot. So WHERE or HOW would we be able to find out if "immunize" still exists? Besides which, password cookies that were installed AFTER Spyboy was deleted wouldn't have been immunized anyway, if they ever were when Spybot did it's immunization. And they keep getting deleted. Just doesn't make any sense.
  4. Excellent points. I am also NOT going to jump through hoops and go through all kinds of system adjustments to get this program running....which was a point made by many others on the first couple of pages. When you folks design this stuff you have to understand we are NOT all computer experts. We are lucky to be able to give you the bare minimum of information about our system. What I can't understand is most all of us were happy with the way Adaware SE was working. WHO decided in their infinite wisdom that it should be tossed in favor of a new version that was obviously untested? I DON'T have Spybot and/or SpywareBlaster on my computer. I took off Spybot because it wasn't catching all the tracking cookies. If you folks can't reproduce a problem that is happening with MANY of our computers, common sense should tell you the problem is with YOU and your program and not US!! It looks like Lavasoft has just "given up" on our problem and gone into full denial. With that attitude, I will NOT be using or buying any version of Adaware. Congratulations... in a time when the economy is in trouble and consumers are trying to spend wisely, you have just destroyed any chance of me buying a pay verion or using a free version of your software.
  5. No idea about the paid version. Not worth the risk to me and many others to pay for what may be a buggy version.
  6. Hello??? Anyone from Lavasoft got any input? Or has Adaware 2007 turned into Abandonware 2007? Are you people working on a fix or still in finger-pointing mode?
  7. Ia received that message when I was deleting a bunch of cookies (about 197). You have to wait a while for that stuff to actually delete. If you look at the total number of cookies located on the tab, you will see the number going down. Just because they disappear from the listing in the window doesn't mean they are all gone yet. This ain't Adaware SE by a long shot.
  8. Good grief!!! You haven't fixed Adaware 2007 and you want us to install a BETA of Adaware 2008?!?!?!?!?! I don't see that as any kind of solution. I am NOT going to be a beta tester for another program that is untested and an unknown quantity. FIX Adaware 2007 BEFORE steering us to a newer version. Besides, why would you already need Adaware 2008 if the 2007 version is working so well??? We've told you EXACTLY what our problem is . We aren't all making this problem up. We all LIKE the Adaware program. And we AREN'T going to buy any upgrades until the free version is fixed. dr del: I confess I was pretty shocked to find that Adaware had missed a trojan on my comp after it being picked up by Spyware Terminator. The trojan that was picked up by Spyware Terminator is called VirusHeat. Also picked up were KnowItNow and Wild Tangent Installer, but those were just fragments. These were all detected and removed by Spyware Terminator AFTER I had used the most updated Adaware scan. Dep
  9. Well I gave up on Adaware and found a BETTER program with a lot of support. It's called Spyware Terminator. It's available here: It is FREE and includes a realtime spyware blocker. I ran the scanner and it actually found some nasty trojans that Adaware had missed in it's scan. If Lavasoft ever gets it's act together, I MIGHT go back to it. But I doubt it. Adaware seems to have become "vaporware" as far as getting any support. Dep
  10. I came back to Adaware after having used Spybot S&D for a while. Adware nailed a critical problem, but as with everyone else, it deleted ALL my signin cookies. Time to stop pointing fingers at every other program and face the fact Adaware has a bug in it that deletes innocent signin cookies. I had Adaware SE in the past and never had these problems. I was also, like many others, ready to pay for a better version of Adaware. But after reading this thread and seeing the lack of responsiveness from Adaware people, no way I'll spend the money. Time to start looking for an alternative program. Adaware version is 2007 Free, Windows XP, Norton Anti-Virus. Dep