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  1. thanks 1. ignored infects will not be displayed but stay ingnored. 2. i entered ignored infects in the help-center. no answer found! 3. thats why i am running the whole wilderssecurity parcours. 4. where are instructions how to set the options? i only have the one for older version(shown in other forum). 5. i am cleaning my pc with multiple tools( ace utilities,cleanup, ccleaner, regvac, regclean 6. trojanhunter has found important things
  2. 1. ignored infects- how to reverse this? 2. untreated... how to treat them? on my second session-still not knowing how to reverse the ingnored infects so they can be treated i had deleted infects. but aaw 2008 is telling me that these trackings are untreated. ?????? thanks
  3. since i didnt understand what to do i let the infect be ignored. who do i reverse this? btw: i cannot use adaware 2008 in safe mode and these accounts:administrator or restricted). so wildersecurity-instructions- running adaware in safe-mode seems obsolete. thanks a lot. edit by Txnnok: took out link
  4. is saying to run aaw-at least the older versions- in safe mode. but i get this TTIMER access violation at adress 00403423 in module adaware... blablabla adress 00000008 tested in my ide-raid(one main drive, one swapdrive). in restricted and administrator account. with and without spybotsd(cleaners used), will test also with normal installation thanks