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  1. I used http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,...escription.html to download Ad-Aware 2008 -----without disabling my firewall or anti-virus programs-----and it worked just fine. It seems to me Ad-Aware should list this as the first place to go to attempt a download, not cnet.
  2. No, dr del, neither applies in my case. But thank you for the quickest reply I have ever received in any forum !
  3. After Smart Scanning with AAW 2007 I check all the boxes under "Critical" heading and all the boxes under "Privacy Objects" and then click on Remove in each case. But when I click on Finish I always get the message "There are unhandled objects. Do you still want to finish?" What could these "unhandled objects" be and how can I remove them? AAW SE used to tell me how many objects had been removed but this is not available in AAW 2007.