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  1. Hello, I have been using AdAware for many years with good results. Just recently I had a problem with AdAware 2007, version... 6 on Microsoft XP SP2. I was unable to correct it so I downloaded the next revision... 7. Just 2% before finishing I get an error about access violation to memory, so it never really finishes the install. I do not have those error messages but I do have the message when I start the program up and I believe it is very similar to the access violation message I get at the end of download. Wish I could figure out how to paste it but it reads as follows... An Error has occured in Ad-Aware 2007! Component: TcomboBox Message: Access violation at address 7E433287 in module 'User32.dll'. Read of address 00000111 Send this information to Lavasoft Support Team.... AdAware now terminates. When I try to enter that data on the support page, it requires me to register and give my AdAware product s/n. But since I cannot start the program I am unable to give the s/n. Thus I am posting to this forum. I am unable to run or even reload the AdAware program. I have removed it a couple times and reloaded with the same results. How can I repair the program so that I can keep the protection I have been used to over several years? Thanks, Jim Henderson