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  1. yp! btw thanks Andres! p.s. for the above user, it's for uninstalling adobe flash player plugin.. I don't know if it will cause any problems but you can download from my first post.
  2. Probably a FP.. scanned the file with virustotal, all vendors confirmed it's clean. Ad_Aware_20080701_16_00_54.log
  3. This file is made by one of the best anti-malware experts, OldTimer. It is used in most of the anti-malware forums for scanning infected computers. Ad-aware 2007 updated, found a win32.Trojan.inject in it the file can be downloaded from here attached the log and the file just in case.. [edit] errmm.. Error Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file aaw_FP.txt
  4. Hello I've been using ad-aware for months and had no problems with malware except for the weekly tracking cookies.. but with the recent update, ad-aware seems to find Win32.Backdoor.Hupigon in my war3.exe I think this is a false positive. uploaded both the ad-aware log and war3.exe [edit] seems like I can't upload war3.exe_ Ad_Aware_20080513_19_45_28.log
  5. Yp, I updated today without any problems.. seems like it was something with ad-aware tnx anyway
  6. Hi It seems like I'm having the same problem since this morning.. I have tried this it didn't help.. I'm using zone alarm free and avg antivirus free