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  1. I'm running W2K with Office 2000(and Outlook 2000). I installed AdAware 8.2.2 with all the options. By doing this my Outlook 2000 broke; it would not exit and finally would not even open. I traced the problem down to the AdAware Extra the 'Email Scanner'. Some online research told me to disable this feature BUT the program would not let me; then I read where it told me to go to Add/Remove and uninstall the AdAware Email Scanner. I did that and WOW did that cause some problems. My Antivirus program(Avira AntiVir Personal) quit working and I got an error about a missing dll file(MSVCR90.DLL) when I restarted the computer. I had to reinstall the complete AdAware 8.2.2 to fix the Antivirus program. BUT, here's what I finally ended up doing. -Download the latest Avira AntiVir program. -Go to Add/Remove and uninstall the 'Email Scanner. This will cause the Antivirus program to no work. -Restart the computer. -Reinstall the Avira Antivirus program. -Restart the computer -Update the Avira program. I ended up without the email scanner but everything else seems to be working.
  2. I'm having the same problem, 'Email Scanner' causes Outlook 2000 to hang and not close. I tried to uninstall through the 'Add/Remove Programs' which it did BUT now my antivirus doesn't work and I get the error that I'm missing MSVCR90.dll from several places on my computer. BUT my Outlook now closes fine. When will we know if Lavasoft comes up with a solution to this problem. I try to shut 'Email Scanner' off but I get the message that an error has occurred and a report will be sent to Lavasoft. Any help. I don't want to downgrade to Ad-Aware 8.1.
  3. OOPs sorry all, my fault; must have had my head where it didn't belong.
  4. When I run a defrag program(Windows, or other) several AVG Log files do not get defragged. The files are: AVGSCHED.log, AVGRS.log, AVGCORE.log, AVGWD.log, and AVGCFG.log. Can I delete these files, if I can find them and narrow them down, or should I just leave them alone? Running Windows 2000 and AVG 2008. Thank you
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I don't have MS Visual Studio SO here's what I did: I removed AdAware AE using the Add/Remove function; then I went into the registry and deleted, line by line, all references to Ad-Aware, Lavasoft, AdAware that I could find; I then restarted the computer and reloaded AdAware 2008; then I used the update feature and got the latest updates for the program; and now all is good. Thanks again.
  6. I downloaded installed and ran AdAware AE- It worked fine, now today I get the following error message and the program will not start. "The procedure entry point ? [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCP90.dll" I'm running W2K with all updates, located and copied the 'MSVCP90.dll' file to my System 32 directory and copied it to the AdAware AE directory. Still no go. I've uninstalled and reinstalled AdAware AE but that did not help. I uninstalled AE and reinstalled AdAware 8 but that did not fix the problem. Any help? Thanks