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  1. Hello, I have purchased Ad-Aware 2007 plus some months ago. Since I have had problems with updating. Although I shut down Firewall and Antivirus-Program, it didn't work. I have read that more users had problems with updating. Is this fixed now with Ad-Aware 2008? If I installed Ad-Aware 2008 ("plus" I guess would be transfered), would I have to delete my other anti-virus software (antivir premium?) since Ad-Aware 2008 plus has an own anti-virus-program? I somewhere read that only one anti-virus program can run on a computer... I hesitate to delete my antivirus-program though because I am not sure if the updating-probem would be fixed with version 2008... since I am not very familiar with computers it would be a desaster for me then... Please can you help?! Thanks! Maryjane
  2. Hello, first sorry, but I am not so much into computers so please take this in regard for your answers :-) I have bought Ad-Aware 2007 Plus some time ago, which contains Ad-Watch. The "automatic update" button is on/green, but when I recently checked, the version I have is pretty old (#72). I tried to update, but there is permanently an error saying "ssl update failed, run webupdate" - when I try webupdate, the same error occurs. What can I do? Thank you! Maryjane