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  1. Hi CeciliaB. Setup did not install any ad-aware. I am not sure this is a good or silly question, Is it possible to replace this one with avg free edition ?. If yes or no I will need information and comparsion. Thanks.
  2. Good day everybody. I recently d/led latest version from cnet, started installation, at the end of application download I got an error message appears for a second then disappeared that I could not read it. My question is there installation log file that I can check what is the problem, if any please indicate file location. I am running avg 2013 free edition, is it good to install ad-aware over ?. Thanks and regards.
  3. Hi. I just installed ad-aware 2008 on winxp pro, after updates I started scan but It is looping for hours (looks like only screen is showing but nothing is going on). Please help. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Raziel. It looks like "make sure to configure the Ad-Aware WebUpdate settings. In Ad-Aware 2007->WebUpdate->Proxy settings. Save the new settings and try a webupdate again" is not availabe on free version. It seems that either I d/l defintions manually or uninstall it. Thanks again.
  5. Hi. I started my PC with no firewall at all and still ge same ssl failed message. What do you think the reason. For instance, how can I d/l and install defintions files manually. Thanks.
  6. G'day SpySentinel. I am facing same problem running ad adware 2007 free version My firewall is comodo firewall pro, I added the 3 mentioned files to accepted list on my firewall with no luck. Please help. Thanks.